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image credit: thedesigninspiration.com

Just before I got married, my parents and some close family friends/members gave me a crash course on Marriage 101. It was an interactive session where they asked practical questions and I gave them the right answers. I had been doing my homework, researching on the institution of marriage so I was going in fully aware and oriented. Or so I thought.
Imagine my chagrin a couple of months later when my husband kindly pointed out that I just did the opposite of the solution I proffered at my parents’. Just a couple of months on, I was acting contrary to what I had said I would do! I was appalled.

It is not the only the acquisition of knowledge that is important; what we do with that information is arguably more significant. It will not do for us to follow this blog (or indeed any blog), read the verses of the Qur’an and it does not reflect in our behaviour.

We have huffadh who have memorised the words of the Qur’an in its entirety but do not act upon it. This is also common amongst us doctors; we give the best medical advice but seldom follow it.

The soul is inclined toward destruction as a moth is inclined toward flames. We know we will be harmed by it but we gravitate towards it anyway, against our better judgment. This is made worse by Shaytan’s persistent whisperings, seeking to encourage us to give in to our nafs. We have to keep struggling to keep ourselves on the Right Path by steering our baser selves back on track and acting as we know we should. With Allah’s Mercy, we will be amongst the successful, in sha Allah.

To live without ISLAM, is to not LIVE at all.

Quran 2:256 says ‘Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower. ‘ Alhamdulillah for your reversion, Abu Amirah!

Deen Republic

After getting ‘born again’ half a dozen times, I had finally settled for this church which as I was led to believe did the whole born again thing on a different level; largely appreciated by the urban bunch of educated masses who disliked spiritual melodramas. Melodramas which among other things included speaking gibberish in the name of the holy ghost, and making the lame walk, the blind see and curing terminal illnesses which perturbed even doctors!

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Been busy, that’s what. Truth is, i started blogging because I had a lot of time on my hands and a lot of thoughts in my head. I still have those thoughts, but not so much time.
I’ve been working on a project, a new one, while trying to finally complete an old one. These projects will affect my future directly. I hope. In sha Allah.

So, I’m sorry for the tumbleweed and dust and cobwebs covering my blog. I’ll be with you all soon. In sha Allah 🙂

Ibn Mas’ud narrated that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said:
“The feet of the son of Adam shall not move from before his Lord on the Day of Judgement, until he is asked about five things: about his life and what he did with it, about his youth and what he wore it out in, about his wealth and how he earned it and spent it upon, and what he did with what he knew.”

Just keep being patient with me and permit me to use my youth effectively! 😉


A few months back, I had just begun learning tailoring. I had a couple of months for maternity leave and thought to explore my creative side. During the classes, one of my instuctors mentioned allowing our minds to think in and outside the box; put down our ideas and build on them.

I got home that day and after completing my chores, I finally lay on the bed, supine and began to think. I waited for the thoughts to come. I visualised allowing my mind unfettered freedom to search the deserted alleyways of my mind. I drew blank.
I had been told to think within the box or not think at all. I had been taught how to think and what to think so much that I had been caged within myself. The doors of the cage were flung wide-open now, ushering me to embrace freedom, but I couldn’t fly. I was too scared to take flight, because I had forgotten how to fly.

We have been taught passively or actively how to practise Islam from childhood (for ‘born’-muslims) or adulthood and when some of our wrong practices are challenged, we stand at the door of our cages, too petrified to embrace change.

Being presented with cold hard facts from the hadith and Qur’an doesn’t seem to crack the surface or sway us toward a better decision. We listen, argue, rationalise and fearfully or stubbornly cling to our ways even in the face of superior argument. We close our senses to reason. We refuse to explore the possibilities of change even if it is for our own good simply because we do not want to be wrong after being challenged with the truth.

It is laudable for us to want to conduct personal research before shelving our preconceived notions but we shouldn’t use research as an excuse to delay following the right way, while instead seeking validation from people who we share the same flaws with. The knowledge has come to us and we are now responsible for our decision to follow or disregard it. If we were unaware, it may have been different and we may have been exonerated. But, we are now aware, and so we should act accordingly.

Open your heart to receive the right information lest Allah set a seal on your heart. Pray for the strength to fly out of your cage for there are no shackles at your ankles holding you back. Only you hold yourself back.

Agents of Change |My Dream For Every Little Girl

Very powerful video. I had goosebumps…We sometimes take our opportunities for granted, subhanAllah! Women all around the world should be educated not relegated.

The Human Lens

The Girls’education progress has remained marginalized in the political and general discourse of Pakistan. There is no denying the very fact that there are parts of the country that have the lowest literacy rates in the world, this fact constantly pinches me with passing times.

As a nation, we are falling and failing behind due to two main issues POVERTY and EDUCATION.  

The time has come to stop denying the very fact that education lifts whole communities out of poverty forever. Inside turbulent Pakistan, Oxfam is doing whatever it takes to get more children into class by lobbying with governments, training teachers and also building schools in rural areas, which will provide little children and girls opportunity to attend school. Watch this sensitive video on girl’s education, this is my dream for every little girl and let’s work towards making it a reality.

After-all, educated women are agents of change and Pakistan…

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During the labour of my 2nd son, I had 2 thoughts.

1. I was involuntarily humming cartoon songs mentally – as I often do to keep my first littlet occupied – instead of the adhkaar I was supposed to make. Music is so powerful!

2. I couldn’t get my mind off Maryam, the mother of Jesus (ASW).

Here I was, in the back of the car, in the throes of pain with my husband speeding to the hospital. I had my overnight bag packed with a change of clothes for myself and the coming baby. I was going to be in safe hands. I would have support from my wonderful husband and his kind sister.

This baby was coming faster than I had anticipated, being a second delivery. I had thought he would take his time like my first had done but apparently, my oven was getting too uncomfortable for him. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe and not push because the urge was intense but I did not want to have him in the car.

‘It’s the Mickey Mouse
Come inside…,’ my mind sang.

‘No! Thumma sabila yassarau… Thumma sabila yassarau…ooh! Don’t push! Don’t push!’ I muttered instead.
*Deep animal grunt*
*Shallow noisy breathing*

We were at the hospital in record time and I waddled – through a contraction – to the Delivery Room. I knew I couldn’t afford to wait for a wheelchair. Right at the door, my water broke! I was ushered in quickly. It was a couple of minutes after midnight. I was having this baby any time from now.

And I did. A mere 5-10 mins after entering the hospital! Alhamdulillah! (I must have said Alhamdulillah a hundred times immediately after the delivery!)

It was pretty quick compared with my first experience which was looooooong and filled with Intense. White. Dazzling. Pain!

Then I thought of how Maryam (ASW) would have felt all alone in the desert, having her first child, with no support other than Allah – but then, Allah is the Best of supporters! Bearing the excruciating pain alone, no medications to dull the pain, no soft pillows to prop her up, no one to massage her back, mop her brow and encourage her. Small wonder she had cried out that she wished she were dead and forgotten!

The aftermath was similarly bleak. No warm food and drink, no soothing bubble bath and fresh linen, no respite to be allowed to sleep in a soft bed while relations cooed over your new bundle. Instead, she had to be subjected to cynical glances and derision at the hands of people who wondered that she had committed adultery. Still, she persisted in her faith and carried on her duties gracefully.

Wow! All I can say is that she was one amazingly strong woman!

So, do you remember your thoughts during labour? Have you seen a woman in labour? Please, share.