I was surfing the TV channels when a channel caught my eye so I paused to listen. It was a Christian station and I cannot remember what made me stop. Being one who is eager to learn from anyone and everyone, I paused with my finger on the remote control, ready to change it if he was spewing something irrelevant to me.

The preacher was walking through the congregation holding a microphone and shared this joke (which I am paraphrasing):

A lady came to her pastor and said, ‘Pastor, I need you to pray for my husband. He has a demon!’

The pastor probed further to assess what kind of demon it was and she replied exasperatedly, ‘He wants to have sex in the morning, noon and night! Every time of the day, he wants to have sex. He has a demon, please help him cast it out!’

Then the Pastor replied, ‘I am sorry I cannot help you, young woman, because I too have this demon!’


I first felt the need to write this post when I was toilet-training my first son. I woke him in the middle of the night when he was either 2 or 3 and took him to the bathroom to pee. As is the Islamic tradition, after he urinated, I fetched some water to clean him up with and felt an erection/boner/stiffness or whatever you want to call it. I was amazed! I thought I knew the human body but apparently, I knew very little about the male anatomy and physiology. The books never mentioned toddlers were capable of a hard-on. Was this normal?

And I am not the only one. At the programme I mentioned in the previous post, a haematologist also sounded surprised that a sickle cell disease patient was brought in with priapism (a non-sexual painful erection) and he was only 4 years old.

When I encountered that reaction in my son, who sleepily returned to bed blissfully unaware, I spent some time awake, thinking about men and felt some sympathy for them. I felt it was not really their fault they were wired that way. Putting it as delicately as I can, men have a piece of flesh that basically has a mind of its own. It is autonomous. I believe that as boys become men, they are able to control it better but I doubt if the effect lessens. I am betting it increases as male hormones (which drive libido) kick in at puberty.

Allah knows best.

Before I got married, I knew guys are crazy about sex. We had sisters-only events where married women advised us about courting and marriage and emphasized the importance of sex. During my friends’ nikkah khutbah (wedding sermon), the imams mentioned it. During my own preparation, friends reminded me. All the books on marriage swore by it. I guess like with every oft-repeated advice, it loses its potency after a while and becomes cliché.

We women are quick to blame men for thinking with their phalluses but if you were deprived of eating for days with a feast in front of you, you would tear into that juicy piece of chicken once the flag goes down signalling ‘Eat!’ Besides, for a lot of African, Arab and Asian men, their self image is tied to their sexuality.

I once had a newly-married couple visit the hospital. They were crazy in love. The man seemed shy, the woman more willing to talk (perhaps, because she had encountered a female doctor). She explained how quickly the man ejaculates when they meet and they were worried he had an anomaly. I had to explain that it was normal especially because the man had married as a virgin. (Virgins are not as rare as we think). Imagine denying such a man who had kept his virginity until marriage where he finally feels he can let go of the reins and bask in his sexuality.

To women married to good non-philandering men, consider this:

Our men decided to select us out of the multitude of women they encountered for reasons best known to them. They could have followed the Order of the Phallus to wife a professional vixen with a PhD in Bedmatics but instead, they made an effort to practise Islam and married us. Instead, we punish them for making the right decision to think with their heads and marry a good woman and prospective mother of good Muslim children. We withhold sex to get back at them; simply because we feel we cannot match their libido; or because we are scared of pregnancy/childbirth.

The basic religious reason for marriage is for procreation with permission, or as a lecturer of mine put it ‘Marriage is a license to have sex’. The major world religions discourage (even forbid) sex outside the confines of marriage. If you have a man who has a healthy fear of God and you starve him of sexual intimacy, it seems unfair, callous and even, wicked. Of course, we are tired, over-worked, unappreciated, not in the mood etc. but we should consider that this is one of the halal ways a man can let his hair down after a day of the world hammering on him, beating him down with disappointment upon disappointment, challenge after challenge, temptation following temptation.

Some men are out there getting their grooves on with strange women; others are drinking or gambling their lives away. If your man returns home to you every night, in spite of your attitude because he hasn’t fulfilled your demands, you should hug him and welcome him home. No matter how much he pretends to behave macho, I believe men just want to feel desired and loved; encouraged to go back into the ring tomorrow to fight valiantly for the family’s survival.

Of course, I am writing this because I am in a good place with my husband today. Perhaps I would be less charitable when he’s annoying the heck out of me! XD #remindertoself

Seriously though, it doesn’t change the truth. We should appreciate our men more (especially if they are good men). I know the comments would not roll in because this is a bit personal but I would be glad to know that you surprised your man today (or better still, early in the morning after Fajr) ;). It is a weekend so unbuckle your chastity belt and ‘go to town’ and remind him of how happy he was when you guys decided to tie the knot. Let him be reassured that YOU are the best decision of his life!

14 thoughts on “AUTONOMY Q2:223

  1. How can you say you don’t expect comments to roll in? This is your best post yet on this blog and you know what? I was suspecting before,but I can now confirm that you are that my sister that I have n’t met yet. Careful, because I might turn this into a post in your own post. Lack of understanding of this issue puts a lot of stress on our women folk. At every opportunity that I get (and I get quite a few), I tell our women to please help our menfolk, you know help your husband by satisfying him and sheilding him from temptation as much as possible, and little sacrifices like not having live-in house helps go a long way, accompanying him to events and occassions even if they suck and you’d rather be somewhere else because more than likely there are predators out there who are waiting for the opportunity to get him alone, being attentive to his silent appeals to you by being able to read his body language etc. We should help our drivers and other male domestic staff by not allowing our female children dress scantily and provocatively etc. Help your colleagues at work by putting a polite and friendly wedge between them and you, by not encouraging any unnecessary friendship or banter to avoid unintentional readings being read into the relationship like they start thinking you ‘like’ them and they starting to ‘like’ you back in return. etc. Help your pastors and spiritual fathers by not frequenting their office for every flimsy reason especially going to ‘report’ your husband etc. There are so many ways, if only we pay attention and show some understanding, there will be less stress for women and happier homes for all of us and the world will be a better place.
    Polygamy was rampant in the past more than present day Nigeria, in those days, men had variety right in their household and so did not need to engage in extra-marital relationships in order to satisfy their sexual urge but nowadays with monogamy, men have not changed so if they can’t have variety at home, they would seek for it outside their marriage. So we should position ourselves with understanding of their nature, the way they are wired, men are excited by the new while women are comfortable with what they are familiar with and are thus used to, we should therefore partner with them and join hands in the struggle against the you-know-what.
    Some of the queer things I do to help men; I listen with attention if my better half complains about any particular member of the opposite sex; I do not allow any of our male friends to help any single lady with a ride or lift if they should meet in our house especially after parties and alcohol; I have on occassions warned some of our male family friends if I suspect or hear anything although I will not tell the wife; I do not encourage any errand running between female children and male family friends. I could go on, but I guess the message has been delivered.

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  2. Hi Keidi,

    This is the “realest” article that I have read in a while. In my mind, I stood up and clapped for you. 😀

    I wonder why men are wired that way though. Lol

    Indeed, a good husband should be appreciated and the home should be a comfort zone for him.

    Our society is quite hush-hush about sex related subjects even in marital relationships. I learned a lot from this post, thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Thank you, Nedoux. I am bowing in my mind here, in appreciation of your applause.

      Honestly, I don’t know how men are wired that way. Maybe like Naijamum mentioned, they are naturally polygamous so they were created with maximum population impact in mind. 😛

      Unfortunately, we are often quiet about these important issues leading people to make foolish decisions.

      One topic i’d really love to discuss is wedding night sex for virgins but I dare not! Not now. Maybe one-on-one but it can set the stage for ‘katakata’ later. We encourage virginity till marriage then throw them in a room and leave them to figure it out. Not fair. That’s why people resort to porn. 😦

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  3. Dear Nedoux, I miss blogging too! My plate is just so full at the moment that I cannot possibly handle it too.
    I promise to return soon, even if I am a little rusty. Sending hugs your way this beautiful weekend. ❤


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