During the labour of my 2nd son, I had 2 thoughts.

1. I was involuntarily humming cartoon songs mentally – as I often do to keep my first littlet occupied – instead of the adhkaar I was supposed to make. Music is so powerful!

2. I couldn’t get my mind off Maryam, the mother of Jesus (ASW).

Here I was, in the back of the car, in the throes of pain with my husband speeding to the hospital. I had my overnight bag packed with a change of clothes for myself and the coming baby. I was going to be in safe hands. I would have support from my wonderful husband and his kind sister.

This baby was coming faster than I had anticipated, being a second delivery. I had thought he would take his time like my first had done but apparently, my oven was getting too uncomfortable for him. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe and not push because the urge was intense but I did not want to have him in the car.

‘It’s the Mickey Mouse
Come inside…,’ my mind sang.

‘No! Thumma sabila yassarau… Thumma sabila yassarau…ooh! Don’t push! Don’t push!’ I muttered instead.
*Deep animal grunt*
*Shallow noisy breathing*

We were at the hospital in record time and I waddled – through a contraction – to the Delivery Room. I knew I couldn’t afford to wait for a wheelchair. Right at the door, my water broke! I was ushered in quickly. It was a couple of minutes after midnight. I was having this baby any time from now.

And I did. A mere 5-10 mins after entering the hospital! Alhamdulillah! (I must have said Alhamdulillah a hundred times immediately after the delivery!)

It was pretty quick compared with my first experience which was looooooong and filled with Intense. White. Dazzling. Pain!

Then I thought of how Maryam (ASW) would have felt all alone in the desert, having her first child, with no support other than Allah – but then, Allah is the Best of supporters! Bearing the excruciating pain alone, no medications to dull the pain, no soft pillows to prop her up, no one to massage her back, mop her brow and encourage her. Small wonder she had cried out that she wished she were dead and forgotten!

The aftermath was similarly bleak. No warm food and drink, no soothing bubble bath and fresh linen, no respite to be allowed to sleep in a soft bed while relations cooed over your new bundle. Instead, she had to be subjected to cynical glances and derision at the hands of people who wondered that she had committed adultery. Still, she persisted in her faith and carried on her duties gracefully.

Wow! All I can say is that she was one amazingly strong woman!

So, do you remember your thoughts during labour? Have you seen a woman in labour? Please, share.

12 thoughts on “LABOUR PAINS Q19.16-34

  1. yinka says:

    Lol @ mickey mouse club house. Alhamdulillah for a safe delievery. Hmmm mine was lonnnnng, well mayb cos it was my 1st but I neva stopped saying thummas sabila yansarahu n reciting d last 3 surah’s of d quran. Alhamdulillah robbil alamin for safe delivery. I wish all pregnant woman safe delievery; a gbo owon iya ati omo insha Allah amin.

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  2. My labors became more intense with each child. I labored at home then bore them all in a tub at my midwife’s birth center. (the exit’s of the children were worse than the labor… Oldest had her hand on her face and had to be ripped out, Middle had the cord around his neck so I had to stop pushing (he was so blue my husband thought he was dead… I’ve never seen that man cry so hard) then lovely Youngest got his shoulders stuck and I had to birth him in the “cow position”… him being tugged and pulled by his head… and I let out sounds never heard before by man 🙂 )

    The only thing I remember thinking in labor is that I was singularly focused on meeting my little loves, no matter what it took, no matter the pain. I told Moderate Daddy that labor was the only time in my life that I was singularly focused… which was kind of nice. He said, “Oh babe… I feel sorry for you!” It’s nice to have a sympathetic man 😉 who understands the labor in having a female brain !

    I have a question about what you said about Mary, the fact that she was alone, where was Joseph?

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    • ‘…she had never been touched by a man. This obviously upset Maryam greatly and to avoid any embarrassment she withdrew from her family and the public’s eye and went to a place east of Jerusalem.’ I am thinking perhaps, she was unmarried then so, no Joseph.
      Your deliveries sound horrendous! Wow, you are so strong!


      • To be honest… the only reason I chose to have them without drugs in a hospital is because I’m terrified of needles and tubes so really I’m a big wuss!! 😉

        May I ask another “belief” question? I love learning about what others believe (I’m a Christian by the way 🙂 )

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  3. Allah Allah, I can’t imagine the pains of natural birth. I was in labor for 18 hours (we were going for natural). But the cord got around the baby neck, he became distressed, ate poop…so we had a C-section which is another trick you carry for the rest of your life with its side effects, smh…May Allah bless our children, amiin.

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  4. Those of us in the healthcare business tend to favour C/S because it is faster and safer but as a mother, I understand why women prefer to deliver vaginally, despite the difficulties and risks inherent in natural births especially for first-time mums.
    Aamin to your du’a, dear Papatia ❤


  5. MashaAllah, i thinkk women are really strong…….being a man i know there is no pain i have ever gone through in this world that would compare to labor pains… good wife has been ‘counselling’ me of late so i can be strong enough when her time comes to deliver,in sha Allah. Am still not certain i will have the guts to….i have a sheikh who is a good friend of mine, says everytime his wife is in the delivery room (she has 7 kids now) his stomach fills with water and he makes regular trips to the loo and mswala….doing lots of dhikr!!!!!!!

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    • A male friend of mine once compared childbirth to being kicked in the nuts but I strongly doubt it! My husband witnessed my deliveries but I did not see any change in how he viewed me…
      I really don’t understand how women like Moderate Mom go back to their midwives with 2nd and 3rd pregnancies after such terrible experiences! I would just shut down the factory and throw the key into the ocean! 😀
      @abuamirah, I wish your wife a safe delivery.


  6. Rufai says:

    I pray that Almighty Allah will deliver all pregnant women safely. Its not an easy experience. I just began the journey though, had my Nikkah early May. I hope and pray for a safe delivery for my wife too.


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