I am ashamed to admit that I am one of those people who are often late. It’s not that I do not care about keeping others waiting. Far from that! I could use the excuse that it’s a cultural thing i.e. Nigerian timing which is often an hour or more beyond the scheduled time; or I could admit that I often shoot myself in the foot.

When I become tired of being late and decide to amend my ways, something always comes up. Seriously! Like I could decide to wake an hour earlier then prolong supplications after my Fajr salaah, iron extra clothes because it looks like I’ll be too early, then cook a complex breakfast, do the dishes, tidy the house, wake the littelets and play with them as I bathe them because I am no longer tense that I am running late…then, suddenly, am late! Again!

The few times we manage to be ready on time, the car refuses to star or we end up stuck in lousy traffic. Granted that the extra minutes help us to reach our destination at the usual time we often do, the fact that I made an effort to be punctual is lost on everyone! *petulant pout*

I often console myself that it is predestined that I am a late-comer but sometimes, I admit that I simply sabotage myself. If only I would stop packing in last minute extra duties because it looks like I’ll be early, I will make it on time but then, talk is cheap. I need to make serious and consistent du’a to stop undermining myself and so should we all.

We know that sinning will make our prayers harder to be answered but we sin and wonder why our requests go unanswered. We know that the best hours to communicate with Allah are at the last third of the night but we grab our blankets tighter when the alarm goes off. We are aware that the first deed we will be asked to account for is salaah but we skip it anyway. Being conscious of the fact that we will account for those/things entrusted to us doesn’t stop us from being negligent of them. Acknowledging that the world will continue to evade us as long as we chase it doesn’t seem to stop us from pursuing it tirelessly.

After messing up so bad, we still hope for Allah’s forgiveness and admission into Al-Jannah at the end of our lives. Funny, isn’t it? It’s kinda like skipping the exam and expecting to be promoted to the next class.

May Allah save us from ourselves because we often wrong ourselves by acting very foolishly, as our own stumbling blocks.


So much to say but an internal debate on whether to speak or not;
A concern on if my speech is worth its space;
A worry if the words will come out right;
A fear my opinions may change tomorrow
and the very words I uttered will be used against me
In this increasingly sensitive restrictive world.

I have said before and I say again:
There is only action and repercussion;
None of us is truly free, we’re only made to think we are.

Freedom of Expression, My Foot!



While browsing the web pages on the contemporary mischief called “Charlie Hebdo”, I found this well-documented article entitled ‘Freedom of Speech in France: For the Powerful, By the Powerful, With the Powerful.’ 16 shocking examples of #FreeSpeech double standards. 

I am reproducing this article here with a modified title. Please read on, Inshaaallah.

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I had severe toothache one night. You know these things often happen at night, right? Labour, abdominal pains, fever, toothache…they are usually so bad that you can’t wait for morning to come. So, my toothache was severe and I had nothing to use to relieve the pain. I know I am a doctor but am not big on medications. I avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Yeah, most of us in healthcare roll like that.
I began to regret running out of basic drugs like common analgesics at home. I had Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) suspension though but I saw no sense in downing a bottle of my son’s medication… then I remembered garlic! Its oil is said to help alleviate toothache; I had no garlic oil but I did have raw garlic so I went for that. I peeled off the skin and sank my affected tooth into its smelly juiciness, biting in and holding on, oblivious to its nauseating smell. Wallahi, the pain reduced. Just like that. Like magic! After just a couple of minutes. Even our analgesic tabs don’t work like that! 10mins tops and my toothache was relieved. Alhamdulillah! It really does work (but I still need to see the dentist though.)

And it’s not just garlic; Allah’s creation is filled with healing and goodness. I do know that honey can be fantastic in dressing wounds and burns, aloe vera relieves superficial kitchen burns, milk could act like an antacid while olive oil is great for skin and hair. These natural remedies are a wonderful blessing from the Creator to the created. Aren’t you just grateful?

Have you used any home remedies that worked for you?