CHARITY Q9:79-80



Have you ever been indecisive about giving alms? Have you ever had someone discourage either the amount of money you want to give in charity or who you want to give it to?

‘I know that man. He is actually not a cripple. I saw him shopping at Oshodi market last weekend and he was walking with his two feet!’ or ‘That man claims to be blind but has two wives and 8 children living in a house he built himself!’

In Sahih Muslim Book 12, Hadith 99, the Prophet (SAW) narrated a hadith where a man desired to give charity so he gave it (on different days) to an adulteress, a rich man and a thief. The people complained about the beneficiaries of such donations and an angel came to tell him (the donor) that his charity had been accepted because, the money the adulteress received may make her refrain from adultery; the donation the rich man received may teach him to spend of what Allah has blessed him with; and the thief may refrain from committing theft.

Also in a hadith narrated by Abu Mas’ud:

When we were ordered to give alms, we used to work as porters (to earn something to give in charity). Abu Aqil came and gave one and a half sa’a (small measure of grains) and another person brought more than he did and the hypocrites said, ‘Allah is not in need of this small amount of charity (to Abu Aqil) and this other person did not give alms but to show off.’ Then Allah revealed: Those who criticize such of the believers who give charity involuntarily and those who could not find to give in charity except what is available to them (Q9:79)…- Sahih al-Bukhari Book 60 Hadith 190

The truth is that it doesn’t matter. The quantity doesn’t matter and who we give it to doesn’t as well. What matters is our intention.

May Allah reward our acts of Ibadah.

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