My friend and I set up a Blackberry Group in Ramadhan of 1434AH and we had a couple of challenges initially (different people, different thoughts). As I handled some difficult situations as one of the administrators, I marvelled at who I had become. I had not even seen myself becoming this individual that I had been praying and wishing I could be. I am not there yet but masha Allah, I recognised some changes in myself and others did too. The old me would not have handled the problems as I had, so I was pleased that there was progress, Alhamdulillah!
I attribute this to the answering of my prayers to Allah to enable me improve daily and to the writing for this blog. Subconsciously, you start becoming like what you preach. You learn more as you write because for you to write, you have to read. When you read, you know; when you know, you want to share.

I urge you to keep reading the Qur’an in a language you understand, continue reading the Arabic Quran too if you know how to, read other Islamic literature including the Ahadith and attempt writing, if you can.

It is amusing how sometimes, we behave like Allah doesn’t know what He’s saying and we know better. We ignore the fact that the first word of the Qur’an was ‘Read!’ Why, of all the words in the languages of the world, would He select that word as the first? It is because He knows its significance. He knows how colourful knowledge makes our world. We should obey that command and read!

Most importantly, reflect on all you read and try to implement those you can. That’s the hard part. Insha Allah, with the right motives, your life will become richer, more tranquil and you will be happier.

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