You know that saying that if at the end of your life, you have no regrets, then something must be wrong? I don’t believe it! At least, I have lived beyond a quarter of a generation; I am not old or wise, by any standards but I have no regrets and I won’t, in sha Allah.

Why should I have? Why should I harbour sorrow about previous events like they were mistakes when nothing happens by chance? If Allah is privy to the knowledge of a fallen leaf, will He not be aware of every step in my life, of my every endeavour, achievement or failing? And if He is aware, why then should I fret? Has He not sent obstacles my way to make me a better person? Has He not paved my path and made things easy? His Plans are the best of plans and nothing happens without a reason. It may not be clear to me at that moment, indeed, it may never be clear to me, but my duty is to believe in my destiny, do my best then leave the rest to Him.
It would have been nice if I had committed the Quran to memory as a kid but I did not and have the opportunity to do so but now, I can guide my children toward it. It may have been nice if I had gone on more medical outreaches as a medical student prior to my starting a family, but I can still do it now. Perhaps, I would have liked it better if I had married earlier but I feel I was better informed and prepared for marriage when I did. What matters is that I make the most of my life now, instead of debating on ‘what ifs’ unless to improve on my present or future circumstances. I think you shouldn’t waste your time either, rueing your past.

Desist from playing the victim and regretting what could have been. It did not happen, too bad! Now, move on with your life and make the best of what you have left. So long as you’ve got your life, you’ve got hope so go out there and make the most of it!

A strong believer is better and more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone. Cherish that which gives you benefit (in the Hereafter) and seek help from Allah and do not lose heart. And if anything (in form of trouble) comes to you, do not say ‘If only I had not done that, it would not have happened’, rather say, ‘Allah did that which He had ordained to happen’. Your ‘if’ opens the gate for Satan. – Sahih Muslim 2664

The Prophet (SAW) also tells us about the regrets of the people of Paradise. He says: the people of Paradise will not regret except one thing alone – the hour that passed them by in which they made no remembrance of Allah.

If we must worry, we should concern ourselves with this instead.