JAHANNAM Q3.88, Q44.43-6, Q45.9

There is this joke I want to share with you; and with good reason.

Angels: Almighty Father, we are tired of these Nigerians in Heaven!
God: What have they done this time?
Angel: Everything! They do not listen to instructions! They don’t obey traffic rules and don’t wait their turn. They are reckless! In fact, they have turned heaven upside down since we started admitting them in.
God: Please, bear with them. They are very special to Me. Let Me call Satan in Hell to see how he is doing…Hello, Lucifer. How are things over there?
Satan: Baba God, please call me later. There is an issue I am trying to resolve!
10mins later
God: Hello, Lucifer…
Satan: I’ll call You back; the issue has turned to a crisis!
1 hour later
Satan: Sorry, God!
God: Are you having problems over there?
Satan: It is these Nigerians I have with me in Hell. They…they have quenched the fire in Hell and installed air conditioners!

One may chuckle or be tempted to. It is quite funny and pokes fun at how troublesome but resourceful we Nigerians can be. However, such issues shouldn’t be trivialised. I love jokes like any other person but we should be cautious when we fool around so we do not fall into error.

In contrast to the joke, the verses on Jahannam are truly terrifying. Do look them up.

image credit: jackidelecki.com

image credit: jackidelecki.com

To make matters worse, thirst is quenched with hot scalding oil, boiling water and dirty wound discharges in a place of inexorable heat, where the suffering is unrelenting and persistent.

And to read the tone of Allah’s Voice in these verses; so angry, so scary!

May Allah protect us from His Wrath. May we never get to spend a single second in such a vile fiery place!


You know, during the preparation of this blog, there was a time I was really broke and a thought came to me: why not quickly finish this, publish a book and make money (and maybe fame) from it?

This was not the initial intention, of course. I have been compiling my musings for a while to enhance the quality of thoughts and writing. Profit also never came into it because the idea was just to facilitate our relationship with the Qur’an and Allah. I also realised the potential such thoughts had to taint my intention to simply share and perhaps, negatively influence my writing.

Did I decide to forfeit my writing because of that negative thought? Nope. Instead, I tried my best to finalise my preparations on time and blog instead of publish (which was my initial plan and which I still hope to do). I recognised the whisperings for what they were and prayed for Allah to purify my intentions.

Shaytan will always try to pollute whatever good purposes we have and turn it against us. Just because we have an impure thought now should not negate our intentions in our eyes. We are all constantly battling with our nafs (soul) to attain that level of balance with Allah as our guide. We are all, without exception, a work in progress so when our thoughts turn south, we should steer in back north and keep purifying our intentions.

So, if you are planning to use the hijab because it looks good framing your oval face or because people compliment you when you do, use it anyway and keep praying for Allah to rid your heart of those vain desires. If it is time for salaah and you are simply going to pray because your friends are, go with them anyway but remember to make du’a that Allah purifies your intention during the prayer.

By saying you won’t embark on acts of ibadah until your intentions are pure is simply selling yourself short. These are whispers from Shaytan putting self-doubts in our minds and casting a pall on our light.

Make every stumbling block a stepping stone and Allah will guide you the rest of the way, in sha Allah.

SHIRK Q2.165, Q4.48, Q28.38-42, Q79.24

Let me start by throwing a question to you: Who committed a more grievous sin: Satan or Pharoah?

Sounds obvious, right? Wrong. It was Fir’aun. Why? He committed the greatest unforgivable sin of shirk (polytheism) and died in that state! He called himself ‘The Lord, Most High.’ Even Shaytan did not dare go that far! Shirk means ascribing partners to Allah and is the greatest sin which is unpardonable in the Sight of Allah.
While we may not be guilty of shirk in Fir’aun’s context, we are still guilty of shirk in other ways:

image credit: kingmaria.deviantart.com

image credit: kingmaria.deviantart.com

• Invoking others besides Allah, chanting incantations, having traditional incisions for protection, sacrifices to other deities, bathing in some river or stream with some ‘special’ soap at an ‘auspicious’ hour, harbouring charms and amulets, even from religious sources.
• Performing good deeds with motives other than Allah’s pleasure
• Obedience to other authorities (religious or secular) to disobey Allah’s orders
• Not accepting one’s destiny and questioning Allah
• Loving something or someone as or more than one should love Allah – children, spouse, money, live football matches, superstars and celebrities, soap operas etc.

Muadh ibn Jabal quoted the Prophet as saying ‘Do you know what Allah’s Right on His slaves is and what the right of His slaves on Him is? . . .Allah’s Right on His Slaves is that they should worship Him (Alone) and none besides Him, and the slaves’ right on Allah is that He should not punish him who worships none but Him.’- Sahih Bukhari Book 56 Hadith 72

How many of us can be bold enough to demand our right from Allah, fully confident we have not transgressed?

May Allah not turn His Back on us, amin.