I must begin by apologising first. I am in the medical profession and my thoughts, reflections on the Qur’an and experiences are shaped by this. Some of the posts on the blog reflect that already, but more will so bear with me.

In my second year at the University, we commenced dissection of the human cadaver in Human Anatomy. Our assessment tests in the dissection room was called ‘Steeple Chase’, where various muscles, blood vessels, nerves etc were pinned and numbered for us to identify. We were arranged in a single row according to our matriculation numbers and given seconds to write down the answer. A buzzer would sound and we would all shuffle to the next question.

There were designated areas called ‘Resting Spots’ where we had a chance to review our work, correct spellings and …

BUZZ! Back to the chase!

The time at these resting spots were rarely ever adequate to correct all the errors. Same with the dunya.

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Allah referred the Earth as a ‘resting place’, a temporary place; it is a place to strategise on how to attain Jannah. Soon, the buzzer will go off and we will be shuffled to the next stage: Jannah or Jahannam which are not-so-temporary places.

Often times, we get sidetracked and set up rivals unto Allah and forget our purpose. We may not worship idols in the literal sense but we do figuratively by worshipping money, beauty, power, superstars, super models and other celebrities, even the internet!

The Earth is a transient lodging from where we move to a more permanent place.

The Prophet (SAW) said: What do I have to do with the world! I am not in the world but as a rider seeking shade under a tree, then he catches his breath and leaves it. – Jami’at Tirmidhi 2377 graded Hasan

May Allah purify our hearts to worship Him Alone.



Have you ever taken a child to the fair, theme or amusement park and had him screaming he didn’t want to go on the carousel or Ferris wheel, for example? You know for sure, that he’s going to love it but he doesn’t believe so until he is persuaded to, then finds it so enjoyable, he no longer wants to leave.

When Allah describes Paradise to us, we could amplify it by imagining something of greater grandeur or we could underestimate it and wonder what the fuss is about, wonder what there is to look forward to, if it is worth ‘all this trouble’. Allah knows us and knows how relaxed and at peace we would feel in Al-Jannah. He envisions how happy and relieved we will be (in sha Allah) when we are admitted into the Garden underneath which rivers flow but we sometimes have difficulty believing it. We wonder if we won’t be bored and get fed up. Afterall, it is for eternity. He assures us in a hadith Qudsi that, ‘I have prepared for My pious servants things which have never been seen by an eye or heard by an ear or (even) imagined by a human being.’– Sahih Bukhari Vol. 4 Hadith 467
Allah mentions the springs of Salsabil, Kafur, Tasnim, rivers of Kauthar, milk, wine and honey; fruits of every kind; grapeyards and various trees; vessels made of silver and cups of crystal; couches lined with silk brocade, green cushions and rich beautiful mattresses; beautiful mansions, thrones of gold and precious stones; adornments of gold and pearls; no sicknesses, hatred, injury, grief or death; peace, security and plenty of provision. Above all, we will be there (in sha Allah) not for a couple of months or years, but for life!

It really behooves us to reconsider that He knows best how to reward us and knows what will make us happy. As a woman, we shouldn’t feel sad that there won’t be houris for us too. Whatever Allah has planned, it is guaranteed to be awesome! Afterall, He is our Creator, right?

Jumu’a Mubarak and have a lovely weekend.