At certain points in our lives, we arrive at a crossroads. It could be deciding to leave a job or choosing between two; whether or not to travel somewhere, buy something, choosing who to marry…it could be major, it could be minor.

When these situations arise, we often seek the counsel of those we know or experts in the field. However, after this, we should seek guidance from He Who matters the most. What we request is that Allah should have our backs, whatever decision we make.

This is not advocating indecisiveness; it is saying that after weighing our options, discussing with those with experience in that field or those dear to us, we should make our decision then trust Him to embark on the journey with you by making istikharah.

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There is nothing spectacular about it. You do not need anyone to make it on your behalf. You do not need a special rug. Simply make your ablution and follow it with 2 rakats of prayer after which you recite the du’a. Afterwards? Well, you shouldn’t expect to see flying unicorns, that’s for sure. Allah will not (or is highly unlikely to) take our hands and lead us to ‘the chosen option.’ We will just have to proceed on our journey knowing He has endorsed our decision and is close by in case things go wrong.

Aisha (R.A.) said it can be repeated as necessary.

Allahumma innee astakhiruka bi ‘ilmik; wa astaqdiruka bi qudratik, wa as’aluka min fadhlika-l-adheem. Fa innaka taqdiru walaa aqdir, wa ta’alamu wa laa a’alam, wa anta ‘alaamul ghuyuub. Allahumma, in kunta ta’alamu anna haadhal amr, khayrun liy, fiy deeni wa ma’aashiy wa aqeebata amriy…

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May Allah guide all our decisions.


RELIANCE Q3.160, Q47.11, Q65.3

There was a time in my life when I was tired of my job. I had put in my best but was getting increasingly dissatisfied with the working environment. I eventually did some consultation, performed istikharah and resigned.

Everyone who heard about my resignation asked if I had gotten another job, and I answered in the negative. Most were bewildered and asked why I did not wait at my job till I found another one. Well, I felt I should leave honourably and not wait till my image was tarnished by dissatisfied bosses. I also strongly felt that Allah who provided me with this job would help me find another.
I know it sounds fool-hardy and irresponsible and I really wouldn’t advise everyone to make such a move but it seemed the best action for me to take. I used the hiatus to return to Islamic classes and cast my hope on Allah. Eventually, I got three job offers after a few months and was quite reluctant to resume work because I was enjoying my Islamic classes. I did istikharah and selected the closest and seemingly better alternative.

Of course, not every story has a happy ending but I am simply sharing with you my own belief that you should do your best and trust solely in Allah. The circumstances surrounding my situation may have been peculiar but I saw Allah’s Hand in my life especially at that period, and I will be forever grateful to Him.
No matter your situation, trust in Allah and have absolute faith in Him. His Hand reaches every aspect of our lives.