Do these sound familiar?

  • When there is electricity, you find yourself watching TV, movies or listening to music, the family in isolated orbits but when there is power outage, you find something more meaningful to do and the family interacts better.
  • When you are given a large sum of money that you did not work for, you squander it on unaccountable items but when you are broke, money stretches out better as it is spent more thoughtfully.
  • Time flies when we are busy and is better utilised, but when we are idle, time seems to pass in slow-mo and is often wasted.
  • When things are going smoothly, we neglect our prayers but at the slightest turmoil, we dust our Qur’ans and prayer rugs and remember Allah and our duties with fervour.

platter of gold
These actions are commonplace and understandable. Why? Well, it’s because we are human and fallible. It takes some extra effort to utilise our opportunities better and act upon what we know is important. We should also remember to stop to figure out what clue Allah is giving us when things do not go our way.

The Prophet (SAW) mentioned that the problem his Ummah will have will be money; an abundance of it.

To be given everything on a platter of gold is not always the best. The emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon, unaided, strengthens its wings; so do the turbulences of life make us sharper, better tuned, more appreciative and patient.

Bottomline: If life throws you lemonade, (don’t squirt some in the eye), make lemonade instead.