If you could paint the face of Islam today,
what posture would (s)he adopt?
What would (s)he look like?
What would be your expression as you painted?

I would love to hear your descriptions.

7 thoughts on “IMAGERY

  1. I would paint it White, a white that adopts an abstract form because white makes other colors appear clearer. Islam in itself makes the believer think and act more clearly because it’s a complete way of life. Abstract because every shape suits Islam. I would cry while painting it because i would still feel like i haven’t portrayed it for what it truly is……

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    • An answer at last!

      I understand, Abu Amirah. I would weep while painting too, but because of how weak in knowledge and actions true Muslims have become and because of this, terrorists claim to represent us, perpetrate evil and the ‘Muslim’ nations do very little, if anything. Consequently, Muslims (and those who look like us) are being victimised. It’s sad 😦

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  2. I’d paint it as an old magnificent Masjid almost completely abandoned. Walls and ceiling cracked and caving in in many places. Unattractive to most. I’ll paint in a little window that allows only one with keen eyes to see the beauty and light within.

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