I went to pick my son from school about 2 minutes before closing time and met them concluding the Zuhr prayer. I lingered for them to finish their supplications and went to assist my son to put on his socks and footwear. While I smiled and interacted with some of the students, a little girl caught my attention. I wondered why a non-Muslim girl was allowed to pray with the Muslims.

No, I did not mind that she was praying with them. Kids are curious and naturally drawn to the Muslim prayer. I was worried that her teacher allowed her knowing how much of a big deal her parents would most likely make of it. To confirm my worries, I asked her name and it was not a Muslim one. Many Muslims do not bear Arabic or Muslim names but her name was distinctly Christian/English.

I left with my son but my mind kept returning to the girl like the tongue would return to an oral sore so I decided to have a word with the teacher the next time I saw her. I told her of my observation and how the girl’s mother might not take kindly to seeing her daughter making the Muslim prayer and she said:

‘Oh, she has converted!’

My brows probably reached my hairline as I contemplated how a 4 year old Christian girl was allowed to convert to Islam, then she clarified that the girl’s mom had converted following her marriage to a Muslim so she had requested that her daughter joined the Muslims in prayer.

I let out a short bark of laughter mixed with relief and tinged with delight.

‘Are you serious?’ is all I managed to say while my lips formed a huge grin.

In my mind, I was doing a crazy little jig and screaming: Masha Allah, Alhamdulillah, a revert! Wohoo! Alhamdulillah! That’s so AWESOME!

I am soooo going to be on the lookout for her! 😀

May Allah reward the Muslim men who bring women into the fold of Islam. I sincerely hope they do not coerce them though. That would defeat the purpose. I did mention that my mom is a revert but it wasn’t immediately she married my dad, not because of him and definitely not under duress. It’s been a couple of years since his demise and she’s still going strong.

PS: I couldn’t help but wonder if the girl’s name was eventually going to be changed though; and if she would simply accept it or challenge it. 4 year olds can be pretty sure of themselves!

Do you think her parents should change her name? Why? I would love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “LITTLE REVERT Q2:221

  1. Salam, what a wonderful story… Personally I don’t think it should be changed.mi think Allah (SWT) will know the most important aspect of this little girl. Her Deen… Saying that I am also a Revert and I have not changed my name… Our parents (at least mine) chose my sisters and our names for a reason… Nice article 🙂

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    • Thanks, Muslim Latina :). I do agree with you about our parents choosing our names for a reason but not all parents do. It reminds me of a classmate of mine who changed her name in secondary school. She said her name ‘Diana’ was the name of a goddess and did not comply with her born-again status.
      It sounded so crazy to me at the time! 😀

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