You stumble across a good book and review the wisdom of the writer with some of your friends. They share your enthusiasm and applaud the writer’s skill…until they find out (s)he’s non-Muslim then the praises stop abruptly. You can almost see the guardrails come up and click firmly in place.

In my humble opinion, that;s just plain silly!

Allah (SWT) says:

‘HE who taught Man that which he did not know…’
He did not say ‘ only Muslims’.

It is quite childish to think that all the bright ideas must come from the Ummah for it to be deemed fit for use. No one has the monopoly of knowledge that is why we transgress all bounds when we look upon ourselves as self-sufficient in knowledge.

Indeed, when we stick our noses in the air at non-Muslim sources, we behave in a manner similar to those who opposed the Prophet (SAW)’s message. They saw the sense in his words but could not think beyond the fact that he was unlettered albeit, from a good family.

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It is from a blackened pot that (white) cornmeal emerges – Nigerian adage. Image credit:

Allah can inspire whom He wills with whatever knowledge He decides for indeed, He is able to do all things. The onus is on us to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Prophet (SAW) said: Wisdom is the lost property of the believer and he has a right to it wherever he finds it.- Jamiat Tirmidhi Book 41, Hadith 43

(Please, note that this is not permission to plagiarise or infringe on copyright).

May Allah grant us the humility to discern wisdom from the most unlikely sources, and use this wisdom to benefit the Ummah.

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