Due to the plethora of beautiful ladies we’ve been bombarded with in person and in various media, one involuntarily screens people based on their physical attractiveness.

‘Ugly…Fat…Mmm, weird-looking…Short…Not bad…’

We may not even be as physically attractive as the celebrities we berate on the TV but since they are not beautiful, we feel they should not have made it to the big screen in the first instance.

On the other hand, we’ve got the natural/plastic beauties who regale our eyes with their mighty fine faces and bodies – bodies they were simply genetically blessed with by Allah or bodies they furnished themselves with because they could afford it.

With the make-up artillery at ladies’ disposal, it is quite rare to find an ‘ugly girl’ these days. Ladies who are not as attractive as they would like to be ensure they have someone to bankroll their high-maintenance lives.

But, hey! Who am I to judge? It’s a tough world out there, made ultra competitive by the few eligible bachelors swinging into the gay pool.

Suddenly, our eyes are cooled by matronly faces with tired eyes, framed by sparse greying lashes and brows, some extra flesh, and genuine bright smiles. On these honestly #nofilter faces, we see the laugh lines, wrinkles, visible pores, uneven complexion and weathered skin with age spots. Yet, their beauty oozes out of the screens and tugs at our heartstrings. Their feeble attempts to pout a la duckface mode with their photo buddies draws a huge grin on our visages.

‘Me and my lovely mum’, the caption reads. ‘<3 you loads!’

‘One in a million mom! I love you forever!’ another says with a multitude of emoticons.

‘Shout out to the most beautiful mother in the world!’ #nofilter #lovemymom #momsarethebest #mumsrock #awesomemummy

You look again and cannot but agree that even though those mothers are beautiful, your mother’s beauty is unrivaled!

Say a word of prayer for your mother today.

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