Phew! Feels great to be back here! *dancingalittlejig*

I apologise for the long break, wonderful faithful readers. I thought of blogging many times but I just couldn’t afford the rent of my online abode for a while now. And my laptop seems most offended by my desertion that she has been giving me a hard time too! I guess I deserve it 😀

Alhamdilillah, the break has been mercifully cut short by someone I used to have a love-hate relationship with back in the University about a decade ago. It is amazingly merciful who Allah picks to help you up. If someone had said back then that we would be friends today, we would probably have given the person a sidelong glance and walked away in disgust. Yeah, our relationship was pretty turbulent in the past but I guess we have both matured.

image credit: physics.stackexchange.com

image credit: physics.stackexchange.com

I am immensely grateful to have been helped back up by Allah through RuqRaj (as I saved her name on my phone). Allah used her to bring the sun back to this blog which had been covered in cobwebs. May Allah reward you as He knows best with an overflowing abundance of good! Jazakillah khayran katheeran for your persistent encouragement.

It is also a reminder that what was once sour can become sweet and what was once delicious can become bitter with just a whisper from Allah ‘Be!’ and it is. May Allah sweeten our lives with Iman.

My yummy sister, my personal cheerleader, my one and only Bismama! Thank you for your selflessness and immense wonderfulness! Jazakillah khayr aplenty too 😀

Many thanks also go to Sister Papatia who tried to cajole me out with an award despite my absence and Abu Amirah who also reached out to me. May Allah and your loved ones never forget you.

So! *clappingmyhandsexcitedly* We’re back in business but permit me to do some cleaning and I will be ready in a few days to welcome you back into my online home. Thank you for not unsubscribing and deleting my address off your reader.

Hope you will be back in a few days. Please, do drop by for a visit then. I will be honoured to have you.

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