We lost our class representative a few years after graduation. He was a vibrant young man, a politician on campus and had been our class rep for majority of our almost 7 years in the university. I had worked quite closely with him in our last year as officials of our student body organisation. The news of his death hit me like a ton of bricks. He had supplied me with materials for entrance examinations into residency training (as he had passed his) since we shared the same interest in specialisation.

Still shocking how he was said to have died in his sleep; healthy the night before, no complaints, no warning. I wondered if he had an idea his days were numbered. I wondered how and if at all, he had prayed the night before. If he had prayed, he must have had no inkling it would be his last. I pondered on how his parents and siblings felt.

He couldn’t have lived much longer than 3 decades but he had a lot to show for it; so much that even some of us, who might live to ripe ages, may not get to achieve. It is sad but it is life. ‘It’s not the duration but the donation’. He had donated a lot of his time to improving our welfare in our varsity. His footprint is still visible in the teaching hospital where we trained years after his demise.

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Do our lives count? Are we waiting for a certain time in our lives before committing ourselves to Allah, helping people, giving charity, loving our families?

We should not feel like Allah owes us our lives. We may not see the next salaah. We might not return home tonight. We might not be awake this time tomorrow.

Let’s make the next salaah count and spend time in supplication to Allah. Who knows? It could be our last.

Did you know any young person who died suddenly?

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