I had severe toothache one night. You know these things often happen at night, right? Labour, abdominal pains, fever, toothache…they are usually so bad that you can’t wait for morning to come. So, my toothache was severe and I had nothing to use to relieve the pain. I know I am a doctor but am not big on medications. I avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Yeah, most of us in healthcare roll like that.
I began to regret running out of basic drugs like common analgesics at home. I had Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) suspension though but I saw no sense in downing a bottle of my son’s medication… then I remembered garlic! Its oil is said to help alleviate toothache; I had no garlic oil but I did have raw garlic so I went for that. I peeled off the skin and sank my affected tooth into its smelly juiciness, biting in and holding on, oblivious to its nauseating smell. Wallahi, the pain reduced. Just like that. Like magic! After just a couple of minutes. Even our analgesic tabs don’t work like that! 10mins tops and my toothache was relieved. Alhamdulillah! It really does work (but I still need to see the dentist though.)

And it’s not just garlic; Allah’s creation is filled with healing and goodness. I do know that honey can be fantastic in dressing wounds and burns, aloe vera relieves superficial kitchen burns, milk could act like an antacid while olive oil is great for skin and hair. These natural remedies are a wonderful blessing from the Creator to the created. Aren’t you just grateful?

Have you used any home remedies that worked for you?

5 thoughts on “HOME REMEDIES Q16.66-9

    • Thanks, dear Fatmawaty! Did the papaya leaf and coconut water work? do you boil in together or blend the leaves? I really believe in herbal remedies but I must be sure of what is in there before I ingest it though! 😀

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      • No problem. Yes it did well, Alhamdulillah. I squeezed the papaya leaves n then mixed in young coconut water. Then I drank it. No boil or blend. I knew it from my friend’s father. He is a herbalist. 😊

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  1. A’Salamu Aliekum,
    Salt and warm water helps an aching tooth.. So glad you had some relief. I grew up on house remdies. When havibg the chickem pox i didnt go yo the doctors, my mom knew what yo do. I use house remedies for my husband and i most of the time

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