LAST STRAW Q2.35-6, Q29.32-3

You know about the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, right? That’s the issue on ground today.

A lot of times, we trivialise the wrong deeds we do, like we trivialise the small good deeds. We shrug our shoulders and flip our hairs at those sunnah acts and see them as going the extra mile. We look at those who bother as the over-zealous ‘over-sabi’ people. It may be alright to stick to what is compulsory and avoid what is haram but that extra mile may be what will tip the scales in our favour. We are not keeping a record of our deeds and sins so how do we know where we are deficient?

Those seemingly little good acts can act like a bonus or indeed, a jackpot! Like the tale of the prostitute and the thirsty dog.

But that is not the issue today. The issue is effortlessly accumulating sins, little by little until our boat capsizes.

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We know we shouldn’t shake hands with members of the opposite sex, shouldn’t talk during the Khutbah, recitation of the Qur’an or adhan, shouldn’t travel without a mahram, sip alcohol or taste pork, use nail polish; but we do anyway. Why do we do these? We feel they are inconsequential and when our attention is drawn to it, we look at the messenger with scorn or rationalise our way out of it.

Do we know how heavily the scales are tipped against us? Or we would rather be optimistic that it is in our favour? Do we know what final small deed of disobedience we would commit that will break the scales and plunge us into Jahannam? No, we don’t. So, it really is foolhardy to keep stacking up on the little misdeeds in favour of the little acts of kindness.

Shaytan may have been gradually stacking up on his sins in Paradise before he finally placed that last straw that broke the camel’s back. Prophet Adam (ASW) disobeyed Allah by eating the forbidden fruit and he was cast out of Eden. Lut (ASW)’s wife could also have done her fair share of stacking before Allah finally brought the axe down on her; the lands Allah wiped off had committed grave sins till they reached a final breaking point. It may seem like we have been getting away with our small misdemeanours but one sin might be all it takes! One last sin. That final straw. Think about it.

Do not belittle that sin. Think of all Allah has done for us and at how we disobey Him when He deserves so much better.

May Allah make our hearts surrender to Him enough to forgo these small sins. And when we do sin, may He remind us to seek His forgiveness and truly repent before it’s too late.

5 thoughts on “LAST STRAW Q2.35-6, Q29.32-3

  1. I am a muslim that lives in Saudi Arabia *not from Saudi Arabia* and women here wear nail polish on their fingers, I wear nail polish, I believe that nail polish is only haram, only if you are going to be praying, cause the woodu water wouldn’t be able to get under your nails, in which case you could get the breathable nail polish.


    • Assalaam alaykum, Hebahdwidari. Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment.
      Personally, I have never used the breathable nail polish and only apply henna if I want to beautify my nails. So, I really don’t know how/if that works. I do not see a problem using regular nail polish when that time of the month comes though 😉

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      • In my humble opinion and from what I remember being taught.. That death can come at any given moment.. How will our compulsory bath be valid after death with nail polish still on? We can say that we only use it during our menses or not when we’re praying salaah, but in the end, the way we live is the way we will return to our lord.. So if these things, which is not even islamic, but rather introduced by the west is adpoted, then unfortunately we will leave this world folllowing the west and the day we are resurrected infront of our lord, we won’t even be completely clean as our ghusl aime of death wasn’t complete.. Also, everything that the arabs do don’t necessarily make it permissable.. Arabs do a lot of sinful things aswel.. Instead of following what the modern day arab does, we should rather follow what our beloved prophets( sallallaahu alayhi wa sallams) wives and daughters did..
        Sorry for long comment.. And no offense to anyone..

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  2. Jazakillah khayr kathiran, Silentliving. I really appreciate your comment. You are absolutely right about the ghusl for janazah. I wasn’t thinking of that when I replied Hebahdwidari. Thanks for the reminder. ‘Verily, the reminder benefits the believer.’ 🙂 ❤

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