Abdul-Alim Badejo* was on television reading the Qur’an. Big deal, you might say but this was a 10 year old boy reading the Qur’an in Braille (I didn’t even know that existed) and with proper tajwid!
My husband’s first remark was, ‘And some of us with sight cannot even read.’ How true! Those deprived of their sight seem to visualise the Aakhirah better than those of us with it.

It’s not only bad that some of us cannot read the Qur’an, it’s worse because even our children can’t. Of course they can recite the English alphabets and the numbers backwards including the times table and the National anthem plus a myriad of songs at a very young age but they cannot even say ‘Bismillah.’ So what excuse will suffice?

Indeed, we are truly blessed now. Those of us reading this do not need to send our barefooted children to faraway schools on foot after fetching water from the well 5km away. Schools are everywhere we look; information is at our fingertips; a plethora of learning resources are available; degrees can be earned online.

We will not succeed in this world or in the Hereafter if we do not seek to develop ourselves and our children in every way. Some of us have never had the opportunity of learning the Qur’an while some us dropped it like a hot potato in our youth and have not returned to it since then.

Besides our financial growth, we need to develop in other fields especially spiritually. Just as we will be unhappy if not promoted at work, likewise we should be unhappy at our stunted growth in the deen. Being educated in the deen will help us discern bid’ah from sunnah, Islam from culture and help us to be better Muslims.

No excuses! Create time out of no time! It’s never too late. Nothing is more important than the Aakhirah.

*Not his real name

4 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL GROWTH Q23:115

  1. سبحان الله، الله اكبر
    My salutation for him!
    That is very true Sister!, we should teach our kids learning Qur’an earlier than other lesson. And then about prayer.
    Jazakillah katsiron for sharing it, Sister! 💝


      • امين اللهم امين
        I have ever written about it, under the title: Let’s teach our children memorizing Qur’an in at early age.
        Base on to other experience. Insha’Allah Allah will make easy our duty.


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