I have a lousy sense of direction, and that is putting it mildly. My parents relocated to another house while I was in the University and to date, I cannot find my way to the house on my own. Yeah, it’s that bad. But I know there has got to be people worse than me.

I haven’t held a compass before so I don’t think I will understand how to use it to find the Qibla. When I get to strange places, I often ask around and fortunately get someone to point me in the right direction. When they can’t, I try to calculate the general direction of the Ka’aba and face that direction. Allah knows best!
The Qibla was formerly in the direction of the masjid at Jerusalem before it was changed to the Masjid-l-Haram in the second year of Hijra (624AD) and since then, it is incumbent on us to seek and face it for our daily prayers.

Being that it is a duty on us to try to seek the Qibla since it is one of the prerequisite for salat, I have observed and read up on some stuff lately which may help the geographically challenged like me.

1. In Nigeria, and West Africa in general, we should face the North-North East but that is useful only when you know where the North is. The Sun rises from the East and sets in the West. With the right hand pointing to the East and the left pointing to the West, we face North. Surely, you can deduce the NE from there. It is between the North and the North East. At least, that’s the general direction of the Masjid-l-Haraam. If you know how to use a compass, good luck.

2. In urban areas, the ubiquitous DSTV satellite dish points toward the general direction of the Qibla. It’s not accurate but at
least, it gives me an idea.

3. Technology via the use of various apps. I haven’t tried any but maybe you can recommend those which have worked for you in the comment section.
Any other tips?

May Allah guide us to what is right and help us to worship Him in the best of ways

5 thoughts on “SEEKING THE QIBLA Q2.144

  1. yinka says:

    Thanx for the write up. Usually wenever I get to a new environment all I do is choose a particular direction n pray ie if I can’t find any muslim ard to tell mi. Also so islamic apps can help eg salatMK


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