Have you had the luxury of walking without shoes? Yeah, I said luxury because sometimes, the best things in life are free and right under our noses but we do not see them.

You should try it. Remove your shoes and walk on the cool tiles in your home or on the patio. If you’ve got a lawn or garden, try to walk on them unshod. Allow your feet sink into the soft padding of the grass and relish the tickly sensation.

I know this may feel alien to you and all the hair on your neck may stand up in fear that you are going to step on a reptile or bug but try it anyway! Your OCD may kick against getting your feet dirty; ignore it!

If you’ve got access to a beach, after work/school/picking the kids from school, you may want to go to the shore and remove your flip-flops. Burrow your feet into the cool, soft squishy sand with the wind in your face.

Exhilarating and liberating!

Alright! Go to a pool and sit down at the edge with your feet in the water if you cannot attempt the above.

You really should try it today or sometime during the weekend 
And remember to share your experience here.


Caveat: If you step on a nail or sharp object…get yourself treated. At least, you can console yourself that you tried!


  1. I love walking barefeet 😛
    esp on grass and sand and even hot marble O_o
    But once on a beach I was naturally walking barefeet, (the sand fooled me thinking it was clear and smooth) but ended up ‘ouching’ and stumbling my way thru glass and jagged rocks 😦 lol


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