Centuries upon centuries, revolutions have occurred and wars have been fought; all in a bid to attain freedom from perceived oppressors.

Toddlers scream, teenagers rebel; all for the sake of freedom. They demand their independence!

But can we be truly free? Independent?

Man has been given free will compared to the angels who can only obey Allah. We can choose to do what ever we want to do, be who we want to be, go where we want go. This free will however, comes with a price. Every action has a repercussion or in the words of Newton’s law, ‘For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Failure to observe salaah has its’ consequences, just as fasting during Ramadan does. Obtaining an education, snorting cocaine, cheating in exams, disobeying our parents, frequent abortions all have their repercussions.

Some people appear to get away with misdemeanours or grave acts of injustice but we should remember that all is not lost. If the effect is not felt on Earth, it will be felt in the Afterlife. What goes around comes around. Karma, right?

We are all servants of Allah; here on Earth to serve Him, not ourselves. This is not to say we shouldn’t take out time to relax and have some decent fun but we really should not delude ourselves about our independence because we are completely and wholly dependent on Allah; whether or not we accept it. It’s like a foetus demanding to be detached from its umbilical cord in utero.

One may decide to act as he pleases, or dress as she chooses, or we may even worship as we desire, but these all come with their price tags.

We shouldn’t fool ourselves that we are free. We all have to account to The Big Guy Upstairs.

2 thoughts on “THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM Q82.6-19

    • Yes. I’d say ‘Free will with no repercussions whatsoever.’ What keeps us acting civilised and following the law? For majority of people, it is the fear of punishment, and the reward for obedience; consciously or subconsciously. Remove these and see if we won’t fully exercise our free will!

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