As we navigate the waters of the dunya, we sometimes lose focus and begin to drown in worldliness. We are often fortunate to be rescued into a lifeboat by a helping hand which steers us back to safety.

We cannot – out of fear – refuse to take to the sea but we should all be on the lookout to toss out a lifeline into the turbulent waters to rescue someone, as we would like to be rescued ourselves. Our common goal is Al-Jannah and there is sufficient accommodation for us all so we should seek to help as many people as we can, on board the ship en route Paradise. We should do da’awah, give advice (naseeha) to others and pray for their guidance. When we begin to drift, we should also be open to correction from others.
The path to the Hereafter is littered with capsized boats, sinking vessels, drowning swimmers. We should look out for both ourselves and others and assist those floundering in the water back to shore.

May we and all those we love make it to the other side in safety.

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