We all have dreams, or have had one at one point or the other in our lives. Sometimes, life goes so smoothly – in the direction we intend- it’s almost like a charmed life. Other times, we keep pushing, trudging and fighting for that dream to come true, much to no avail.
banging on a door
Have you ever stopped to wonder if you are banging on the wrong door?

Who drew up the plan? Who had the dream? Was it not you? What is stopping you from taking another route to the dream, having a Plan B while chasing the dream, or changing the dream completely?

Am not advocating a defeatist attitude here but is it wise to keep striving at something you are not succeeding at while time passes you by? The years keep stacking up and one day, you realise you are an old, failed (and bitter) individual. Is it not wise to cut our losses when failure looks inevitable, and re-strategise?

When we have prayed and put in our best, we should not feel slighted that Allah did not answer our prayers. Did He not provide us with so much without us asking? Don’t we believe that for Him to have brought us this far, He can take us even further (without us hinting in which direction we would rather go)?

During my O&G resit, we were in the exam hall and were being called by our matriculation numbers for a reason I can’t remember now. A number was called and there was an audible gasp; the number was about a decade before ours! Surely, there was a mistake!

Sure enough, the fellow stood up and we were stupefied that someone who would have almost become a specialist in a field of medicine was still writing Obstetrics & Gynaecology exams with the rest of us. He had not attended the revision classes, ward rounds, group discussions and even the first exam we had 6 weeks prior to that – which I had failed. How he hoped to pass the exams was beyond me! I kept wondering what he was doing with his life and where his mates were.

Very sad!

They say ‘It is only a mad man that will keep doing the same thing expecting different results’. If moving forward seems impossible, return to the drawing board and reconnoitre. What we want so desperately may not be Allah’s wish for us. Stop barking up the wrong tree and schematise instead.

You are welcome to share your views.


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