Blessed Q108:1-3

Sometimes, I am not so crazy about medical practice especially when I have patients that test my patience. Other times, I am so grateful at the learning opportunities they provide me. I had one of both cases yesterday.
surah al-kauthar
I had one who tried my patience; and I had another who made me so grateful for all Allah has blessed me with.
The latter was barraged with a plethora of family, financial and health problems that after she left, I couldn’t help but wonder why I thought I had problems – financial ones.

There are people we encounter daily with illnesses that their millions can do little to alleviate. There are thousands out there with psychological problems and emotional turmoil that all the money in the world can’t fix. People have lost their loved ones; those who haven’t got loved ones; those who haven’t got food to eat, a shelter over their heads; those going to and from hospitals to fix what we doctors haven’t got a clue about…

If you are reading this, remember never to forget how lucky and blessed you are. Indeed, we all are.


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