TICK TOCK Q103.1-3

How time flies. Have you observed how it was Monday just a couple of blinks back and now it’s Friday? It really is amazing how the days fly by!

And so do our sins rapidly accumulate before our very eyes.

Skipping Fajr for what seemed like 2 mornings in a row last week can swiftly accumulate to observing only 5 fajr salaah the entire month meaning that we have missed 25 morning prayers! SubhanAllah.

That ‘Note to Self’ on your door to read 4 pages of the Qur’an at lunch every day – which you keep ignoring – will soon enough amount to neglecting the Qur’an for a solid 6months!
Your friend who relocated to another continent – who you keep promising yourself to call – will soon celebrate her 2nd year overseas; and you still haven’t called.

Likewise, the loose change you give to that road-side beggar can rapidly accumulate to thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands of naira in a year!

The extra prayers we make outside the compulsory 5 daily prayers can quickly become a lot.

Those Monday and Thursday fasts can gradually become a habit once we persist with them.

Volunteering as a counsellor with the kids in high school occasionally can rack up to years of guiding young adults into productive lives.

E.V.E.R.Y moment is important and so fleeting!

Don’t let yourself be so caught up in life that you stop living; that you forget what is important. No matter how seemingly insignificant a good deed is, do it. No matter how seemingly insignificant a bad deed is, avoid it. It’s like how you cut adding a tablespoon of sugar to your morning tea and eventually shed a couple of pounds just beacuase of that.

Live right. Live now. Let each moment count – positively.

Juma’a Mubarakum and have a great weekend.

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