SEASONS Q6.99, Q27.60

In Nigeria, our seasons are simply 2, not the quad of spring to winter; just wet and dry seasons, for those who don’t know.

Personally, I prefer the wetter of the two, especially when the exhausting heat of March is being shooed away by the deliciously tantalising smell of water on dust and those heavy winds! *sigh* Bliss!

I particularly love being indoors when it rains, relishing the deafening staccato on our aluminium roofs. The howling wind rattling the windows in their frames…the amazing way trees bow in reverence to Allah. Most wonderfully, the rhythm of the rain lulls my littlets to sleep. Weather for two!

If caught outdoors, it’s wonderful to sing/hum/recite Qur’an to yourself while walking calmly while it drizzles. If it is raining really hard, you may even get away with a scream or two! *grin*

After the rain, all the harmattan haze seems to have been washed away and there is this beautiful clarity like everything has been washed clean. The roads seem to glitter and the brown grass seems less depressing. Maybe it’s the promise of green grass (I love green grass!) that makes me so happy but I really do prefer the rains (so long as I don’t get drenched and fall ill; and it doesn’t rain everyday for a month).
Going to our local markets can be terrible with the mud and poor drainage, but seeing the fresh fruits, vibrant colours of veggies…I can’t complain much!
vegetable stand
I do know of the disadvantages of the rains too: laundry doesn’t get dry, our leaky roofs and subsequently smelly rugs, blown-off roofs, the traffic and the flood with its sequelae of homelessness and water-borne diseases.

I am always grateful to Allah we do not have typhoons, tsunamis and hurricanes in Nigeria. We have enough problems to battle with in Naija, abeg!

And I always thank Allah for the roof over our heads. So, enjoy the rain…while it lasts…while you can!

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