Have you ever tried to see a highly-placed government official? Have you had the misfortune of being told to wait (which you do for hours) only to be told later that the official is ‘no longer on seat?’ Have you had the bad the bad luck of being scheduled for the next day for the rest of the week and still not seeing the individual? You leave such situations convinced that the only way you can see the person is if they want to see you.
Have you seen a Presidential convoy: big pilot motorcycles, large intimidating jeeps hurtling by with the final vehicle loaded with soldiers cock-ready pointing their weapons every which way? So much hype! It happens in hospitals too. You go to attend a specialist’s clinic only for him not to show up or he shows up and sees some key patients who just came in, then tells the rest of you to reschedule for the next week or two. Everyone seems to give into the hype too: politicians, clerics, celebrities etc. We are all guilty of making a mountain of a molehill.

At every public function, every dignitary wants to be recognised verbally with an extensive protocol that is typical around these parts. Before a speaker is introduced, he wants his detailed citation read.

Islam is not that way, at least, it shouldn’t be.

Thauban, the freed slave of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, ‘While I was standing beside the Messenger of Allah, one of the rabbis of the Jews came and said, Peace be on you, O Muhammad. I pushed him backward with a push that he was going to fall. Upon this, he said, ‘Why do you push me?’ I said, ‘Why don’t you say O Messenger of Allah?’ The Jew said, ‘We call him by the name by which he was named by his family.
The Messenger of Allah said: My name is Muhammad with which I was named by my family. And the Jew proceeded to ask his questions which the Prophet answered.

Just Muhammad (SAW) without the frills and bells and whistles. No prefixes or suffixes. No protocol, no bouncers or bodyguards.

Allah has removed all the drama and intermediaries between Him and us. He has cut down on the extensive frills and protocol, pomp and pageantry required to speak to Him. He has made the entire earth a mosque for us to pray. He has made dust or snow permissible for ablution in the absence of water; He has made the Quran easy to remember and included the Hadith to guide us; He made prayers simple and relaxing, reduced them from 50 to 5; given us Lailat Qadr, and the month of Ramadhan and Hajj to cleanse us of sins; explained in clear terms what our purpose on Earth is. How simple Allah has made things! If we need to talk to Him, we only need to call on Him and Him alone. He has even given us special times to have uninterrupted access to Him and He’ll accept our du’a.

The wealthy dodge the less-privileged because they are tired of being curried for favour, they are fed up of being asked for money over and over again, perhaps fearing the exhaustion of their wealth; but Allah delights in our asking and never gets tired of it! Allah Akbar!

We do not need any intermediary between us and Him to help us verify whether or not we will make it to Jannah; we do not need to pay anyone to guarantee our salvation; we do not need anyone to help us talk to Him. The lines are open 24/7, just dial his number at no extra cost. A simple heartfelt du’a is all u need.

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