DAY JOB Q4.29, Q17.35-6, Q83.1-6

Unemployment rates are skyrocketing worldwide. Companies are downsizing due to budget cuts and others are becoming more computerised. Strangely enough, the employed few don’t seem to care about their jobs. Unfortunately, for every sacked individual, there are 100 other qualified people seeking his position. Even the so-called professional fields are not spared.

We should be thankful to Allah for our jobs and try to complain less about it. I know. It’s pretty hard not to gripe about our jobs. We would complain even if we worked at Google. However, we should acknowledge that we are fortunate to possess a job and we should show our gratitude by treating our jobs like an act of worship.
job queue
Perpetual lateness (story of my life!), leaving work before closing hours, playing Solitaire while official work piles up, confiscating office property, using office hours to run personal business, collecting bribes for the work you are paid to do, etc.
Same goes for the marketplace. Traders concealing defects in items they sell, altering the scale to show false higher readings, hoarding merchandise and selling at a much higher rate are a few dishonest tricks dealers practise. These acts are not limited to the market place but in every business. Customers are cheated of their hard-earned money daily by unscrupulous people in all the fields of business.

By doing what is required of us at work and making an intention of working fisabilillah (for the sake of Allah), we convert a boring job to ibadah (worship). Maybe through our work, people’s negative perception of Islam and Muslims may change.

Our present jobs may not reflect all our years of study, research or experience. Indeed, our take- home-pay may be less than the worth of the paper our certificate was printed upon but make the most of it and thank Allah for it. In sha Allah, He will bless our efforts, and take us higher than we imagined.

I know the reward of hard work is more work but that should not deter us from putting in our best. Allah is aware of all we do, both hidden and manifest; and others will notice our work too. Soon, we would be recommended for a better job based on how well we’ve performed at our present line of work. Acting too big to do little jobs could mean we are actually too little to do big jobs.
Keep at your work and be grateful for it and remember: it could be much worse.

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