Technology can be both negative and positive. I personally do not believe anything is 100% good or 100% bad; there is a bit of good in everything and a bit of bad in everything. Two sayings buttress this point: ‘even a broken clock is correct at least twice a day’ and ‘the dose makes it either a poison or a remedy.’

I will like to share this post I read online written by Sheikh Navaid Aziz, a Canadian instructor at the Al-Maghrib Institute.

‘Where is your cell phone? You know where it is because it is what keeps you connected to this world and its people.
Now, do you know where your Qur’an is? Your own personal copy of the Qur’an; the Qur’an that connects you to God, (to) the Afterlife and the righteous people of the Hereafter that you really want to be hooked up with. Be more diligent with your Qur’an than you are with your cell phone.’

Imagine your reaction when you reach for your phone and discover it’s not on you. Utterly bereft like you’ve left an appendage at home, and most times, you have to return to get it. It has become our baby. How many times have we returned home because we forgot to take our Qu’ran? How sad do we feel when our batteries are flat and we cannot chat or call? How disgusted do we feel when we plug our phones to charge and realise an hour later that we forgot to turn the power outlet on.
We know how we panic when our phones are stolen or misplaced. How we frantically dial our numbers to see if we can find it. Do we ever break a sweat if we cannot find our copy of the Reminder? How depressed do we feel when we do not have internet connection on our phone for some hours? Do we feel so when we haven’t read the Qur’an in a day; a month; last Ramadan?

Remember, it’s the dose that makes the poison. Once we stop overdosing on connecting with the world and its people, we’ll create better time for what is most important – the Aakhirah. Every thing we possess in this world is a trial and should be used to attain our accomodation in the Hereafter.

May Allah help us remember what is important.

2 thoughts on “ELECTRONIC BABY Q8.28

  1. Couldn’t agree more!! Currently my Quran copy is in my phone so can’t be complaining much. But yeah once I have my own mushaf I hope I’ll be head over heels for it.inshaAllah soon 🙂


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