NOiR: Preparation for Eid

[Qur’an in Ramadan 29:Q78.01-Q114.6]
Ooh! It’s almost Eid and we are in a tizzy!

Our house in upside down, everyone is in a flurry of activities. We have gifts to wrap, snacks to make, meals to begin to prepare, clothes to iron, hair to coif, henna to decorate our palms and feet, zakatul fitr to give, the house to decorate, kids to co-ordinate…and so much more.

Here is just a friendly reminder that it is still Ramadan so we do not get carried away. Remember your salaah and adhkaar. You still have some opportunity to complete your recitation of the Qur’an if you planned to complete it this holy month.

Remember also that the month could be 30 days so tomorrow could still be Ramadan.

Happy Preparation and Eid Mubarak in advance!


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