NOiR: Ramadan Reverts

[Qur’an in Ramadan 28:Q67.1-Q77.50]

Most of us know a Ramadan revert or two. Those ‘nominal’ Muslims who suddenly awake from a deep slumber, pull themselves out of the gutter, clean up their acts, abandon cigarettes, womanising, alcohol and clubbing during the fasting hours or throughout Ramadan but return rapidly to their decadence after Eid prayers.

These are people who draw gasps from their friends who didn’t even know they are Muslim. We might know a ‘hip’ sister who donned the large overhead abaya which we were surprised to know that she even owned. Or that ‘cool’ brother who sags his jeans and is well-known by the club crew but who has been on ‘Itikaf for the past week. What happened to the fake nails, eyelashes, hair, overwhelming make-up, perfume and excessive flirting, we wonder. Who is this alien that has replaced our Muslim brother or sister?

Instead of counting down for them to revert to their old ways, we should acknowledge instead that they stopped their previous acts for the sake of Allah and out of obedience to Him. Even if it is only in Ramadan. We should be in awe of the grip Allah has on their hearts even when they strayed from His Path.

If anything, we Muslims should rejoice they decided to adopt the practice of Islam for a month. We should meet them and see how they can continue to practise full-time. We should discourage others from taunting them but instead, help them to enjoy the sweetness of obedience to Allah.

Perhaps, by doing this, encouraging instead of disparaging, they will become permanent Muslims, and not only in Ramadan.

May Allah keep their hearts (and ours) steadfast.

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