NOiR: Community Sunday

[Qur’an in Ramadan 23:Q39.53-Q42.12]

I apologise profusely for posting so very late today but since I promised to post every day in Ramadan this year, here is today’s post.
Ok! Today is the day for the community. This could include extended family members and distant neighbours.
Unfortunately, the more citified we become, the lousier our manners and the less our care for those outside our immediate family. We have become accustomed to not caring for each other and minding our own business. No one bothers about what is happening to his neighbour unless it is material for juicy gossip.

If we do not care for our extended family members and neighbours, how can we care about the community? Here are some ways to make us more civic-minded:

• It could be something as simple as sending our neighbours some food for iftar or giving out food or drink at our local masjid.

• Solving a problem in the community like planting trees or filling a pothole on the street, replacing the streetlight bulb, planting trees, clearing the bushes etc. It could even be resolution of a dispute between neighbours.

• Feed the street vigilante group or policemen patrolling your neighbourhood to keep you and your family safe.

• Invite other members of the community to pay a visit to orphanages, hospitals or rehab centres in your neighbourhood.

• If you live in a block of flats, you could consider fixing the light bulbs in the stairwell or even sweep and mop the stairs or remove the cobwebs if there is no janitor.

• If you have an older neighbour who lives alone, you could send your kids over to give them a hand in running errands or helping around the house.

Can you think up more ways to assist your community?

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