NOiR: Saturday Makeover

[Qur’an in Ramadan 22:Q36.60-Q39.52]

Today is the day of makeovers.

Have you been toying with the idea of covering your hair, wearing or increasing the length of your hijab, niqab for a day, growing a beard, wearing a kufi (cap), or donning something distinctly islamic? Well, today is your day! It could even be a make-down (is there such a word?). If you are used to going out with full make-up, go out with none today.

It can be pretty scary to finally brace up and do it. Trust me, I know. Your heart may rattle against your ribs like a caged bird when you eventually step out of the house but make sure you plaster a smile on your face and walk tall. You did not rob a bank! Shuffling like a victim and slouching will make you an easy target so you have to have a healthy dose of confidence to pull off your new look.

You haven’t been toying with the idea of a makeover for yourself? Grab a friend, sister, brother and make them up instead!

You are welcome to share your day with me.

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