NOiR: (Social) Media Monday

[Qur’an in Ramadan 17:Q23.36-Q25.52]

Some of us have not been able to keep off social media during this holy month but I do hope we’ve been able to dramatically reduce our time online. Today, we should spread the beauty of Ramadan to social media.
Upload an Islamic or Ramadan-themed picture on Instagram. Change your twitter avi and facebook profile pic to reflect this beautiful month. Let this include your Whataspp and Blackberry messenger images too. If you haven’t already done this.

Update your statuses with something meaningful and Islamic that you wrote personally, not just some mindless broadcast message or retweet.

Why stop there? How about your PC wallpaper or screensaver, your cell phone ringtone or theme?

This is not an excuse to spend all your day on your gadgets though. Get these done within an hour and return to the more important things. So much to do this special month and so little time! Masha Allah.

May Allah accept all our ibadah (acts of worship).

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