NOiR: Sanguine Saturday

[Qur’an in Ramadan 15:Q18.51-Q20.135]

This is a continuation of last week Saturday’s post.
Today is a fun day and it should be! At least, for the sake of the young ones (and the young-at-heart) among us.
I know we are all tired from the pressures at work or school; and with the kids on holidays, things may be a tad more difficult but let’s make today special for them. They may be our kids, nephews, nieces, neighbour’s kids or children we babysit or tutor.

Here are some ideas to include them in Ramadan and help them create beautiful memories of Ramadan:

• Adhaan competition
• Abaya/Hijab fashion show
• Islamic quiz
• Memorization contest
• Calligraphy competition
• Charades on Islamic themes
• A one minute talk on Islamic topics picked randomly from a bowl
• Simple games like who is faster in setting the table for iftar, who helped mummy out more in the kitchen, who completed Tarawih, who woke on his/her own for sahur etc. can make the kids excited.

The games can be done an hour or two before iftar when their energies are beginning to dip. However, remember to have gifts to encourage them and boost their morale especially as it is a weekend and fasting may be more difficult for them without the distraction of school.

Give the older kids who have been fasting incentives to motivate them and their younger ones to keep fasting.

May Allah continue to bless our sweet children.

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