NOiR: Fulfilling Friday

[Qur’an in Ramadan 14:Q16.90-Q18.50]

It is another Ramadan Jumuah and you know the drill – ghusl, finery, perfume for men, miswak, Surat-al-Kahf, Salaam upon the Prophet, attending the khutbah early etc.

It is also the day we get to fulfil our plan for the masjid following the observations we made last week. If you are able to do so, masha Allah and all praise is due to Allah, but if you are not presently able to, we still have next week to try to complete the task.
The other task for today is to lower our gazes. People will always dress as they please and since we are the custodians of our senses, we should try to censor what we allow our senses perceive. TV shows will continue with their lewd programming whether it is Ramadan or not. That’s their job. Ours is to lower our gazes and control our nafs.

And just because the first accidental glance is not a sin doesn’t mean we should enjoy an eyeful before looking away. Lower your gaze but not to her bosom, guys. Girls, I trust you to behave!

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