NOiR: (Da’awah) Winning Wednesday

[Qur’an in Ramadan 12:Q12.01-Q14.09]
It is incredibly fascinating the amount of ignorance there is about Islam among the public. Many people do not have a single clue why we Muslims do what we do. All they know is the hackneyed line by the media insinuating we are all terrorists.

They have no idea how many times we pray and where we face, who we worship, why we dress like we do, why we fast but take sahur etc.

Today, we should set about educating someone, anyone, about Islam. However, remember that you cannot give what you don’t have. If you do not know about Islam, you cannot teach someone else about it but we aren’t talking about lecturing here.

To win someone over, you do not always have to talk. The key here is good manners. They have to like you to buy what you are selling. While it may be impossible to win them over to our side so quickly, at least we can change a non-Muslim’s mindset a step at a time.

Technology has made sharing easy so we do not have to walk up to them and start up a conversation (although that is fine). We can simply type an SMS, a broadcast message or an email and send to every one of our contacts. It should be about educating them about Islam, Ramadan, salaah, or anything Islamic but definitely not to say ‘YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!’

With time, in sha Allah, we will begin to change the way they view us till they eventually join us.

Do have a winning day!

2 thoughts on “NOiR: (Da’awah) Winning Wednesday

  1. Rukayyat says:

    May Allah bless me with the courage to forward Islamic based messages to my non-muslim friends and relatives. I guess it’s ashaytan who conjures all these fears and i never get around to enlightening them about this beautiful deen.

    keidi, you are doing a great job here this Ramadan. taqaballahu minki


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