NOiR: Salaam Sunday

[Qur’an in Ramadan 9:Q7.171-Q9.45]

We are saying salaam today and who better to say salaam to than our family members. It has been a hectic week and if you are married or from a large family, as a woman, you must have been on your toes. It’s family time today because the family is most deserving of your time. Today, let’s strive be peaceful with our family members and others. No quarelling, fighting, bickering or malice.

As a man, you can take your family to the park, to visit a relation or family friend. You can stay home with them and help out in whatever way you can like helping the kids with their homework, recite the Qur’an with your kids (or nieces or nephews), teach them a memory verse, make repairs in the house, rearrange furniture, prepare iftar together, or enjoy iftar at a restaurant with the family in tow, take everyone to the masjid for Tarawih or lead Tarawih for the family at home…the possibilities are endless. In as much as it is important to spend Ramadan in worship, make the intention to worship with the family today, in sha Allah.

Appreciate your family by enjoying a peaceful day with them today.

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