NOiR: Friday Findings

[Qur’an in Ramadan 7:Q6.13-Q6.165]
quran 004
Today’s assignment is this:

Go for Jumu’ah (or Tarawih) early today and look around. Let the scales fall from your eyes and truly see the masjid as it is. Observe the deficiencies in the masjid and its surroundings. Take a walk around the grounds, if possible. Is it the classrooms that need dustbins, a whiteboard, desks, new windows? Is it a janitor that’s needed?

Do the masjid rugs need changing, does the masjid need a new public address system or microphone or a new coat of paint? How about the shelves of books? Do they need more recent books, new Qur’ans? Or is it the ablution area that needs new tiles? Kettles? A water tank? It could even be something little like a light bulb in the prayer area or some chalk in the classrooms. If you cannot find a thing, try to ask the imam what the mosque needs.

Whatever you observe, try to see how you can correct in next week Friday. And please, work within your means.

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