My son’s shirt had split along its seams and since I had no sewing machine and it wasn’t something a needle and thread could fix, I waited for someone who makes such repairs for a fee. In these parts, men often roam around residential areas with the machine on their shoulders, flipping their huge metal scissors to make a peculiar sound. If you do not hurry out to call out to them, they will be on the next street in no time.
sewing machine
I was indoors and waiting for the tell-tale signal to herald the approach of one. When I heard it, I hurriedly wore my hijab (it’s pretty hot in the tropics to sit indoors with one). Alas, once I get outside, there is no one in sight. I sigh dejectedly and return inside the house, ears pricked for the signal. Before I can wear my hijab and slippers and dash out to the street, someone else has called them or they have gone beyond my line of vision.

Of course, it did not take me long to realise that if I really wanted to get Lil H’s shirt repaired, I had to sit prepared, ready to grab the opportunity once it arose.

Opportunity does not wait for us to go get ready while she waits; she is arrogant and would rather delay you than sit and watch while you prepare. She expects you to be fully alert, eager and hungry, ready to grab her with both hands.

You are not going to see an advert in the dailies and suddenly rush to get the required qualification. You have to have the necessary qualification before-hand. While you wait, you may keep improving your craft by acquiring extra degrees or going for related courses, or volunteering to improve your chances of employment. As a bachelor or spinster, you will not sit at the sidelines without an education or life goals waiting only to get married once a prospective suitor shows up then you will dash to the supermarket to procure the qualities the person desires.

Allah may occasionally toss a freebie in our laps but most times, He will not change our condition until we get up and make something of and for ourselves. It is either we create the opportunity we want or we await, ready to grab the opportunity once it presents itself. Allah will not descend to the Earth to help us but will send us guidance or help through people.

Improve your situation and ask Allah’s guidance.

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