At one point or the other in our lives, we will face difficulties, sickness, grief, relative poverty or weakness; seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Instead of begging Allah to strengthen us enough to lift the burden and conquer the unconquerable, we beg, moan, plead and cajole Allah to lift the burden from our frail shoulders.

Allah mentions in 2:286 and other parts of the Qur’an that He will test us believers but not burden us with more than we can bear. And in Q2:156, He counsels us on the right attitude to these trials.
When I think about the story of Prophet Musa (ASW) and the travails he faced in his life right from his birth, I wonder how he even moved an inch when Allah ordered him to return to Egypt to meet Fir’aun. Worse still is the fact that he was commanded to flee toward the Red Sea and not once did he stop to ask Allah how they would cross. I bet if it was me or you, we would have thought of the logistics of the journey and cancelled the trip. I would definitely have wondered how to cross the sea before I even got there but we should always remember that if Allah brings us to a problem, He will bring us through it, in sha Allah.

A Chinese Proverb states, ‘The gem cannot be polished without friction nor can a man be perfected without trials.’ The friction of our daily lives sharpens and equips us better for the world and its challenges. We should thank Allah for the opportunity to learn from adversities, ensure we make the most out of them and have absolute faith Allah will help us overcome them.

List out the problems you have had in your life and beside them, write out what you feel you have learnt or what good came out of such circumstances. If you haven’t any lesson yet, Allah will make it clear to you in sha Allah. And if you have no problems to list, Alhamdulillah for His mercy on you.

2 thoughts on “SURMOUNT THE INSURMOUNTABLE Q2.155-6, Q2.286, Q29.2

  1. SubhanAllah, love this because it is so true in every way. I have a whole list of such circumstances. One such was fasting last year in Ramadan. I almost postponed taking my shahada because I feared I won’t be able to keep it a secret from my family. That they would know I am fasting. Reading the Quran gave me strength and subhanAllah it went soooo smooth I could’t believe it. Alhamdulilah. I was almost about to miss the blessings. There was just too much I learned to list here but the biggest thing was that if you rely wholeheartedly on Allah SWT, you will never be let down, ever. To have tawwaqul is the biggest blessing in itself 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, Umm Saifullah. it is amazing how Allah paves our way, isn’t it? we spend our time beating ourselves up but once we realise Who holds the reins and let go, everything always falls into place. Alhamdulillah!


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