Assalaam alaykum, people. Here is a story I will like to share. I will divide it into two posts because it is quite lengthy but totally worth the read.

(Transcribed by Abdul Alim Abdullah
The following story is an extract from ibn al-Jawzī’s Ocean of Tears.)
It has been related through some reports that there was a man who was from amongst the Islāmic jurists of Baghdād. He was a source of knowledge and authority for the people in addition to being a great and noble shaykh.
One time he desired to perform Hajj to Allāh’s Sacred House and to visit the grave of His Prophet (SAW). He gathered some of the students who used to study with him and they set out for the journey placing their full trust in Allāh, Exalted is He.
During their travels they came upon a Christian monastery. They had become exhausted and fatigued from the heat of the sun and thirst. The students said to the shaykh, ‘Our dear teacher, let us take refuge at the monastery until the weather becomes cooler and then we’ll set out again.’
The shaykh said to them, ‘Do as you please.’
They then went to the monastery and settled at its walls. The students slept, but the shaykh did not. The shaykh left the students sleeping with no other concern except to search for some water to perform wudhū’. As he was searching for the water, he raised his head and saw a young woman whose beauty emanated like the sun. At this moment, Iblīs gained control of his heart and he forgot about the water and wudhū’. He did not have any concern now except for this young woman. He went to the monastery’s gate and knocked upon it intensely. A priest came out and asked, ‘Who are you?’
The shaykh introduced himself.
The priest said, ‘And what do you want, O jurist of the Muslims?’
The shaykh said, ‘Dear priest, that young woman who appeared at the top of the monastery. Who is she?’
The priest said, ‘She is my daughter. What’s your business with her?’
The shaykh said, ‘I want you to marry her to me.’
The priest said, ‘That is something not permissible in our religion. If it were permissible, I would marry her to you even without consulting her. However, she made a covenant upon herself that she would not marry anyone whom she is not pleased with. I will go to her and inform her about you, and if she is pleased I’ll marry her to you.’
The shaykh said, ‘My warmest love and honour to you.’
The priest then went to his daughter and informed her of what transpired as the shaykh listened nearby.
She said, ‘My dearest father, how could you marry me to him? I am a Christian and he is a Muslim. No marriage will occur until he becomes a Christian.’
When she said that, the priest replied, ‘So if he accepts your religion will you marry him?’
She said, ‘Yes.’
As these events were unfolding, the noble scholar was becoming overly passionate. Iblīs began to beautify all of this to him while his companions were in deep sleep with no knowledge of what had happened to their teacher.
The shaykh approached the young woman and said, ‘I have rejected Islām and have accepted your religion.’
She said to him, ‘A marriage destined to happen! However, it is from my rights of marriage that there is a dowry payment. So, where is my dowry? I see you as someone poor, but if you herd these pigs over here for one whole year, I will accept that as a dowry.’
He said, ‘Sure, I will do that. But I have a condition that you do not conceal your face from me so that I may look at you throughout the day and night.’ She agreed.pigs
He took his cane that he used to lean upon during his public sermons and went to the pigs, driving them towards the pasture.
All of this happened while his companions were asleep. When they awoke they began to look for their teacher, but with no success. They asked the priest about him, and he told them what happened. Some of them fell down unconscious, others cried and wailed. Others felt great regret for what happened to him.
They then asked the priest, ‘Where is he?’
He said, ‘He is herding pigs.’
They went to him and found him leaning upon his cane—the one on which he used to lean during his public sermons. This time around he was herding pigs with it. They said to him, ‘Our dear teacher, what is this misfortune that has happened to you?’
They began to remind him of the virtues of Islām and the Qur’ān, and the virtues of Muhammad (SAW). They proceeded to recite some verses of the Qur’ān to him, as well as Prophetic traditions. He said to them, ‘Get away from me! I am more knowledgeable with what you are reminding me with. This ordeal of mine is from the Lord of the Worlds.’
His companions said, ‘We tried convincing him to come with us but we were not able to. Thus, we left him and proceeded to Makkah with a feeling of regret for him in our hearts.’
They performed their Hajj and began their journey back to Baghdād. When they came across the same monastery on the way back, they said, ‘Let us go see what our teacher has done. Perhaps he felt regret over his actions and repented to Allāh, Exalted is He, and returned to his previous state.’

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