RELIANCE Q3.160, Q47.11, Q65.3

There was a time in my life when I was tired of my job. I had put in my best but was getting increasingly dissatisfied with the working environment. I eventually did some consultation, performed istikharah and resigned.

Everyone who heard about my resignation asked if I had gotten another job, and I answered in the negative. Most were bewildered and asked why I did not wait at my job till I found another one. Well, I felt I should leave honourably and not wait till my image was tarnished by dissatisfied bosses. I also strongly felt that Allah who provided me with this job would help me find another.
I know it sounds fool-hardy and irresponsible and I really wouldn’t advise everyone to make such a move but it seemed the best action for me to take. I used the hiatus to return to Islamic classes and cast my hope on Allah. Eventually, I got three job offers after a few months and was quite reluctant to resume work because I was enjoying my Islamic classes. I did istikharah and selected the closest and seemingly better alternative.

Of course, not every story has a happy ending but I am simply sharing with you my own belief that you should do your best and trust solely in Allah. The circumstances surrounding my situation may have been peculiar but I saw Allah’s Hand in my life especially at that period, and I will be forever grateful to Him.
No matter your situation, trust in Allah and have absolute faith in Him. His Hand reaches every aspect of our lives.


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