Undoubtedly, the hottest bloke among the Prophets was Yusuf (ASW). So ‘hawte’ was he that he was virtually beating the women of his time back with a stick! They were really hot on his heels.

Despite the wisdom and knowledge of Prophethood, he was still a man and would have inclined to temptation without Allah’s Help. He recognised his limitations and invoked Allah to help him out of his predicament.

With sexual temptation, the line demarcating sin form good is usually blurred but wide so our antennae have to be up at all times.

When we are always conscious of the temptations that can occur, we are more likely to recognise when we are approaching dangerous territory and retrace our steps. Women are particularly intuitive when this hazy territory is being approached but the truth is sometimes, we place ourselves in situations where these enticements can arise and flourish.

Temptation comes in various shapes and sizes with diverse facades and can become readily rational to us. We shouldn’t ever over-estimate our strengths to fight temptation.

We should recall that man is inclined toward evil and guard our morals and values jealously. Whatever the temptation we face, we should not succumb to our desires freely like animals. We should flee from it (where possible), or face it head-on with Allah’s Help, remembering self-control is a part of Islam and the benefits of sucuumbing is temporary.

But if we go wrong, we should remember to seek Allah’s forgiveness, truly repent and get back on track instead of wallowing in our filth.

May Allah grant us mercy and the strength to flee from temptation.

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