You have no choice featuring in a dream; you only have a choice if it’s yours or someone else’s.

The clouds were gathered heralding a heavy storm and birds flew swiftly to their nests or tree branches to wait out the rain. As I shut the windows of our home, I saw two pigeons still sitting on a power line. It seemed pretty curious to me so I watched them throughout the storm and came to two conclusions: they had not built their nests yet or their nests were no longer habitable.
I kept thinking as I watched them huddle low on the wire and brace themselves in the strong winds and heavy deluge at risk of being blown off the power line: what were they doing while other birds built their nests? Wouldn’t they get sick?

I am no ornithologist so I cannot quite explain their behaviour but I did feel that perhaps, they had themselves to blame for their predicament. Could they have had no dreams or plans of their own before the rainy season? Could they have spent their days flying free in the sky without a care in the world, relishing Allah’s mercy and blessings, not mindful of storms ahead?

It is not only birds that are guilty of this. If we fail to plan our lives, in our twilight years, it could suddenly dawn on us that while helping others build their dreams, we’ve neglected ours. Then when the rainy day arrives, we’ll be left out in a storm clinging desperately to a lifeline while life batters us and threatens to capsize our ship.

When we fail to plan, we set ourselves up for failure. If we don’t know where we are going, we will accompany everyone else to their destinations then turn around to see that we are all alone, with nowhere to go. Then, when a storm approaches, no one will have us. Our youth before our old age. We must decide a destination for ourselves and begin to work toward that goal now.

Although we make plans, Allah knows best. However, that doesn’t mean we should not plan then take it to Him in prayers.
But then, who knows? The birds may have had a reason for sitting the storm out on a wire. They may have been roosting and got caught in the rain, or they may have been desirous of a bath, perhaps?

2 thoughts on “MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES Q42.30-4

  1. Rukayyat says:

    this article brought tears to my eyes. what have i prepared for the day when no soul shall avail another nor intercession be received from it?

    but you finally made me smile with the last paragraph. May Allah bless you. Ameen


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