SELECTIVE OBEDIENCE Q2.67-71, Q4.13-14, Q4.150-2

‘Why should I do that? Is it in the Qur’an?’ she asked.
‘No. It’s a sunnah of the Prophet (SAW),’ he replied.
‘How do you know?’
‘There is a hadith stating so.’
‘Is it a sound or weak hadith? Besides, who compiled it?’
‘It’s a sound one by Tirmidhi.’
‘Ah, that one is not very authentic! Look, it’s not compulsory to do Sunnah. Besides, have I finished acting on all the Qur’an says?’
‘You are right about it being voluntary but you should pray for Allah to increase your iman to be able to do it, not to be so dismissive about it.’

Majority of Muslims when asked what Islam is, will say, ‘Peace; A way of life; Total submission to the will of Allah.’

Unfortunately, neither you nor I can boast of totally surrendering to Allah’s Will. We often look for loopholes in His Commandments, modifying and tailoring His Orders to suit ourselves. We give various excuses like, ‘everyone is doing it; It’s only makhruh not haram; it’s not prohibited in the Quran; My Imam doesn’t mind.’ We sound like the People of Prophet Musa (ASW)’s time, asking silly questions to avoid doing Allah’s bidding.
Undoubtedly, there are some grey areas in Islam where even scholarly opinions differ but we shouldn’t use that to camouflage our sins and say ‘Smoking pot is not really intoxication. Besides, weed was not available during their time.’ No rationalising. When the ladies of the Prophet (SAW)’s time heard about the commandment of hijab, they complied immediately. They did not beat around the bush or hesitate or bargain; they simply obeyed.

May Allah make us those who say ‘We hear and we obey.’ May He make His Deen easy for us.

3 thoughts on “SELECTIVE OBEDIENCE Q2.67-71, Q4.13-14, Q4.150-2

  1. Rukayyat says:

    Selective obedience is what we do in order to feel secure in the decisions we make when we are being lazy. I’m guilty of this so many times. May Allah change our ways and make our path to obedience easy. Ameen


    • It’s always good to see your comment :). Yes, we use selective obedience to justify our reluctance to do the right thing. I post to remind myself too. Aamin to your du’a.


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