WHO ARE YOU? Q17.71, Q18.49, Q69.18-29

Have you ever dialled a number only to find out that although you know the person on the other line, he doesn’t know you? You find yourself stuttering in an effort to describe yourself in a way the person will recognise since your name does not ring a bell.

You find yourself mentioning your father or mother or other relative the person might know, a mutual friend, how or where you both met, your previous physical description (if you have totally changed), something you did for the person or they did for you; anything really, to jog the individual’s memory.

If you were to read a newspaper article on you, would you recognise yourself? If you watched an interview you granted, would others recognise you from your speech? Were you to eavesdrop on a conversation, would you be able to pick yourself out from their conversation? What if you were given an essay to write on yourself, your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, friends and hobbies; would you, at the last full-stop, recognise yourself in it? Would others? Will the picture you’ve painted of yourself be a caricature, an exaggeration or a true representation? It is so easy to present a wonderful personality online or onscreen but what will your family members say about you?

Has Allah been covering up for you and hiding your sins?

image credit: mereponderizations.wordpress.com

image credit: mereponderizations.wordpress.com

Above all, if you could summarise yourself from the writings of Raqib and Atid, the two recording angels, what would you say? On the Last Day, are you optimistic of receiving your Book in your right hand?

We should endeavour to read our Book before it is read to us. By knowing what it says, we have an opportunity to rewrite it so that we can answer proudly when asked: So, who are you?

2 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU? Q17.71, Q18.49, Q69.18-29

  1. yinka says:

    Good write up, thot provocking. I do sumtimes listen to myself after a vns. A gud reminder for us all. Jazaks for this anchor KD


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