RAJAB Q9.36, Q17.1

Hey, people! It’s Rajab! Actually, we’ve been in Rajab for a little over a week now but this post got delayed a bit however, it’s still on schedule.
Remember that verse of the Qur’an that mentions some months of the Islamic Calendar as sacred? Allah’s Messenger (SAW) then clarified in a hadith that they are the 3 consecutive months of Dhul Qadar, Dhul Hijja, Muharram and then, Rajab being the fourth.

Their sacredness is because wronging ourselves in these months is more grievous hence we are enjoined to be on our best behaviour at all times but particularly in these sacred months (and of course, Ramadan.)

It is the month of Isra wal Miraj during which the Prophet went on a spiritual night journey to the sacred mosques and the heavens.

Various ahadith abound about some special practices to be performed in this month but most have been ruled out to be weak or fabricated. Some of those practices include (but are not limited to) singling out certain days for night prayers and fasting (usually the 27th), special du’a recited on designated nights.

The acceptable days to fast include the 3 days of the middle of the month referred to as ‘White’ days (going to put up a post on that soon in sha Allah) and Monday and Thursday fasts. These are fasts that are recommended in all the Islamic months. So essentially, we should endeavour to fast on the white days (13th, 14th and 15th) and Mondays and Thursdays of this month. Lots of du’a, adhkar, reading the Qur’an and observing extra prayers are also recommended to put us in the mood to begin to prepare for Ramadan.

But Ramadan is about 2 months away, you say? Well, we should begin preparing for it now. Indeed, the Sahabas began preparing for the next Ramadan once they concluded their Ramadan fasts. When we plan ahead so, we enter Ramadan with a bang and do not find it overwhelming since we have built on our positive habits before then.

Now will be a good time to pay back our missed fasts from Ramadan, apply for our annual leave towards Ramadan, and recommence good habits while dropping bad ones like alcoholism, smoking; and cutting down on our Coca Cola or coffee addictions!
May Allah preserve our souls to witness the glorious month of Ramadan. Aamin.


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